Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Doesn't Work For Weight Loss

After posting yesterday about the Full Bars (which I'd never actually tried), I was reminded of some things I have done to attempt to achieve a better bod. Besides the requisite weight-loss pills, exercise, and dieting, the most zany thing I attempted was using the Ab Belt. I mentioned this in an earlier blog on Wild and Wacky Weight Loss methods at http://mybandita.blogspot.com/2009/11/wild-and-wacky-weight-loss.html.

My main problem area has always been my stomach. It's good in one way because you can help to cover it up with certain shirts (coats in the winter are the best!), but since I was an early teen (when I wasn't really allowed to wear them), I haven't been able to pull off a two-piece bathing suit figure no matter what I've done.

Not for any lack of want or trying on my part, the Ab Belt (and other efforts) didn't work to give me the bikini-ready dream abs. And the belt was pretty painful. With an Ab Belt, you are pretty much shocking yourself in the stomach. It's essentially self-inflicted electrocution (from what I experienced anyway). So I traded it for some books...they weren't as painful :).

What are some of the diets and quick-fix solutions that you all had tried prior to banding? Were there any that were helpful? In what ways? What were the problems with any that you tried?

***The gal in the picture below is sporting an Ab Belt.


  1. Girl, you name it, I've tried it. The worse thing was the apple cider vinegar diet, you had to drink vinegar, it was awful. I did shots of B-12 and something that is supposed to dissolve your fat stores, the only thing it dissolved was my disposable income. And, the cookie diet, LA weightloss, grapefruit, the banana diet the cabbage soup diet, the list goes on and on. Lap Band has been my most successful try!

  2. I tried the pills that you took more and more each day with a ton of water and they would swell up in your stomach so you felt full. They didn't work for me. I love my lap band! Thanks for having this website!

  3. I had an ab belt too. I was really working out at the time so I don't know if it was the belt or the work outs, but my stomach has never looked better!

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