Thursday, April 21, 2011

Delilah and WLS

Does anyone else listen to Delilah? If not, just so you know, she's a syndicated talk show host who discusses relationship issues with callers. I love her radio show and listen if it's ever on when I'm driving. Yes, I'm a sucker for romance. :)

Well, on April 12th, Delilah had a pre-gastric bypass caller on the show. The caller had a boyfriend whose family was telling him to marry the WLS candidate quickly because she would lose weight and lose him post surgery. Delilah then said that she should laugh it off because this type of scenario is what sitcoms are made from because a) the family was basically saying that she was so shallow that she would become a hottie and ditch him and b) he did not have the qualities which would make a hottie want to stick around.

Of course, we have all read and heard that there actually is an increased chance for relationships to retire themselves post WLS...but, as Amy W. put it a couple weeks ago, the relationship, for whatever reason, may have needed to end anyway. (Of course, I don't blame Delilah for overlooking this because she probably wouldn't know of the increased likelihood herself--doubtful from the pictures of her that she would ever need to research WLS for herself).

What do you think about the whole post-WLS-commitment situation? And does anyone else listen to Delilah, or am I a lone ranger there?


  1. I listen to her show my last hour at work almost every day. I love her show and the music she plays.
    As far as your hubby started struggling with me losing weight...he is constantly saying things about me being able to "find someone better now"...he doesn't like the looks I get now from men. He doesn't want me wearing clothes that "fit" unless he is with me.
    To be's a struggle. At first I laughed it off and thought he would adjust. But it's continuing on as I continue to lose more...and now some family members have jokingly said things like "you better hold on to her tight or you will lose her now that she is hot"....they say this as a joke, but since he is already thinking these things it makes it worse. I know I am rambling, but I don't know the answer to the ?. I just know its a real struggle in our marriage...and I hope it changes soon, as it is starting to get old quick.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I can imagine things are probably rough going right now...and the outside comments surely don't help. I hope things get better for both of you.

  3. My marriage has always been good but it's gotten 1000 times better! My husband can't keep his hands to himself - he's constantly touching my waist or arms and saying he loves feeling the muscles. It's VERY nice. :-) He also seems to like going out with me more, and I think it's because I can keep up. I can walk for hours and I'm not slow anymore. Plus, I'm arm candy now. ;-)