Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am not a math savvy person, but, at the same time, I am not so bad that I am unable to do simple addition. So how is it that I thought I had 3.5 cc's in my band after my January 11th fill when I only had 2.75? I went over the last two fills' volume with the office receptionist after my appointment today and determined that I was completely confused--well, I still am since I don't know where I went wrong in my personal tallying...but I really don't have time to explore how and when I got so confused about the whole thing, so confused I will remain.

But I am glad I am mixed up though because I have been eating like a horse and wondering why I am not doing the tiny portions like all my band sistas when I am getting close to being filled (my band isn't of the 10-11 cc variety).

After my fill today, I have 3.25 cc's (up .5 from my last fill on January 11th) in my band. I hope that this will allow me to shed some weight for the wedding since I have less than two months to go (and have gained about four pounds over the last two weeks--albeit, my monthly visitor has just arrived too). Wish me luck in losing and in steering clear of overfill issues!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Someone stole the camera with all my most recent pics from my guy's truck last night. I had lots of pics with friends I hadn't seen in a long time. :( :( :( The person also took his GPS (and some things from the neighbors too).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


That one made 97. :)

I just noticed...

I have the same number of posts as I do followers...96. :)

I really don't have this much time on my hands, I swear!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Size Differences Between Women and Juniors

I was thinking about sizes the other day. I wear about a size 10-12 in pants (although I've been rocking Angie's old size 14 jeans for months now...cinching in the belt and jeans as much as possible because I don't want to buy new jeans if I lose anymore weight as things are SUPER tight in the finance department right now--wedding, new house, etc.). I even tried on some size 8 pants the other day (I was at the store because I was forced to get some nicer tops for work--it was truly a necessity since I've been wearing drooping tops for weeks, and I don't want to lose my job over lack of professionalism in attire--and decided to look at a couple of pairs of pants just in case I might find something perfect to wear to work for super cheap). I didn't realize that I had picked up the size 8's because the hanger said 12 or 10. They were too tight but zipped up fine. I was a little annoyed at first after believing them to be a 12 or 10, but then I became really excited that I could fit myself into an 8 (albeit not a perfect fit).

But...what is interesting is that I have some old 13's, but they fit like the 8's. See, on the way up, I wore only juniors sizes. I had kept these in the my stack of things I hoped to one day wear again. It is strange that I am a size 15 and a 10/12 right now. I was a size 17 when the 14's of Angie fit perfectly. I guess younger gals are really built differently since an 8 is nowhere near a 13, etc. For me at least, there has been a 3-5 size difference in Juniors v. Women sizes.

Have any of you worn juniors clothes since being banded? Have you noticed this, or am I just freakish in how I wear clothes?

***And, by the way, I wanted to tell Angie 'THANK YOU' for the card she sent with the jeans a few months back. I didn't even realize she had sent it until I was going through some things the other day, and the card fell out of the envelope. You are too sweet. :)

Will My Wedding Dress Fit?

So last weekend I finally found a wedding dress that fits perfectly (no small feat) and that I love (also no small feat) and that I think my guy would love. I quickly bought it.

Don't worry; this isn't the dress. LOL! :)

The problem I'm dealing with now is will my dress still fit me come wedding day. The date is July 10th. That is about two months from now.

My lowest weight (during the period where I had health issues) was 147. I am now, for the last couple of weeks, fluctuating between 148 and 152 (usually right around 149/150). I had gotten up to a 154 about a month ago right after I began feeling better. So I guess I am down 4-5 pounds this month? But it's not really a good guage on future weight loss since I was here before--albeit when I was having issues. Before then, I want to say that I was around 157 (although I'm not as good of a tracker as most, so I might be off a little--plus I was dealing with a HEAP of other things).

I also wonder if I am I close to my set-point weight (where I won't be losing much--if any--more). I am, of course, over the year hump (banded December 18, 2008), so I'm not losing quickly either. Actually, I never really did lose quickly; the most I've lost in a month was probably 10 may have been one or two months that I lost that much...and that would've been right when I began losing. There have been some months where I've lost nothing whatsoever, in fact. There may have even been periods of two months where not one pound was shed.

I am never opposed to losing weight and would like to try to lose some more before the honeymoon (we are planning for a tropical honeymoon, where I'll definitely want to wear a cute bathing suit--bikini maybe?). I even scheduled a fill for May 19th since I have been eating quite a bit lately. I am also getting back into jogging (I was unable to do much for a couple of months due to the health issues, but I can still do a mile of straight jogging, which makes me feel good--and maybe I can do more if I push myself). With the wedding so close, I definitely have an imminent goal to work toward--and, hopefully, some extra motivation.

But I want to fit in my dress most certainly. Now, saying that and still holding that it fits perfectly, it is a little on the tighter side (but without any bulges or fluff coming up in the back area, under the arms, or anywhere else). With any luck, it will just begin to fit on the small-medium side instead of the tight side (although I don't want to sacrifice the good look of the snug fit--if that is even a conceivable thought to anyone). And maybe I'll lose in areas where the fit won't be affected (toes and wrists maybe? LOL!). Seriously, I would like to lose tummy weight, but we'll see I guess. Please cross your fingers for me.
At any rate, I LOVE this dress; it is everything I was looking for and makes me look thinner to boot. It is a size 10. It is a zip-up dress. I had debated on getting it altered and adding a corset for the back; however, there is a lot of detail there, and I don't want it to look too busy. I am not good at visualizing things in the abstract, so I have no clue how it would truly look if I add the corset. I have also read some bad stories about alterations--and since I shopped around everywhere to find this particular dress (it was the last one I tried on at the last store I went to), I could not imagine having to deal with shopping after an alteration-gone-wrong on my perfect dress (and don't want any other anxieties about the wedding since I feel stressed enough). It was also pretty pricey for that particular alteration. My guy's stepmom has the dress at her house in another city right now for a few reasons, so I really can't take any pics or anything like that. :( I guess I just need you to send me good vibes for it to still fit on the wedding day...and for me to lose weight too, however that works! :)

I will tell you though, ladies, it is VERY difficult to deal with the wedding dress dilemma while losing weight. Everyone has been thinking I'm a complete slacker because I didn't get my dress six months ago (and I have still only told two people about the band, so no one knows why I waited other than that I have told them I'm trying to lose weight, which some seem to roll their eyes at). With some church-booking issues too that were outside of my control, I think people think I'm just lazy. One of my worries is that I won't have many people come, so I hope that doesn't make them not come (because they think I didn't put much into planning). But, saying all of that, I'm SO glad I didn't buy my dress before now because I've gone down a few sizes since then (would've never fit in this dress, and the bigger ones looked REALLY bad on me last year--I don't carry extra weight in a cute way at all). And I am STILL worried it won't fit. AAAHHHHHH!!!! I want to steal the picture of the Home Alone kid that Catherine posted the other day. It would be fitting here (hey, at least something would definitely fit!!! LOL!) :)