Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving, My Fill, and New Job News

First, I'll start with the Thanksgiving situation. It was very hard to control myself. And I have to admit I fell off the wagon a bit. We had three days of Thanksgiving feasting (with both mine and the fiance's families, neither of which are of the traditional, nuclear variety; thus, more meals and food overall). I was worried it would be bad. Thankfully, I was able to hold it together somewhat and did stay away from any bread just in case I would have some sort of episode. Because I haven't told anyone about my band, inventing excuses for PBing is not my idea of fun. Still, stuffing and mac n' cheese and green bean casserole and chicken n' dumplins and pumpkin pie won my against my ongoing battle of wills. These are bad foods and I ate them in larger quantities than I should have.

But hopefully that need to fight agaist the quantities I can consume will change after today. I got a fill! And, for some reason (perhaps my 3-pound weight gain?), the doctor put in .75 cc's. This is the second highest fill amount I've had put in at one time. I suppose he is in the giving spirit what with the holidays, but, whatever the reason, I'm super stoked. I can hardly believe it honestly!! I did have to wait over an hour in a packed and rather noisy waiting room. But the fill made the annoyingness of that worth it (and a couple of the nurses and the receptionist all apologized for the wait, which I appreciate). Even with the hassles of unscheduled appointments and such, I'm glad I waited this one out since I can save some money but still get where I need to be. The verdict is still out though as far as whether I'm at my sweet spot. Please cross those fingers. Cara and Gen, how did your fills go?

Finally, I haven't mentioned my frustrations with my previous job (except to Catherine, I think), but I had to leave for a whole host of reasons. I am starting a new job tomorrow. It sounds like there will be a large billable-hour requirement, but the training is supposed to be good. And it's with a firm, not a solo practitioner, so some of the things that I was dealing with previously shouldn't fly in this environment. Still, I have the jitters. And something else I'm worried about is them trying to take me out to lunch tomorrow or this week (that's customary around here for new professionals). I understand that they go to one of our nicest restaurants sometimes for different events, and I've been dying to go to that restaurant (but haven't enough pennies for that sort of thing). I even mentioned to one of the attorneys I met that I'd never been there and that I would love to go (this was a few weeks back in the second wave of interviewing). I am on a liquid diet though, so if we do that, I won't get to try anything exciting. Just soup. Blah! This restaurant is not known for soup. I am going to try to find a good way to fit it into the conversation that I am on a liquid diet this week so that maybe we can move my lunch to next week (without mentioning the latter part, of course, since that would sound presumptuous--maybe just that I can't do any lunches out this week because of a doctor-imposed liquid diet). Of course, they may not adhere to the custom of taking out newbies, so I may be worrying for nothing. We'll see. At any rate, I wanted you to all know about the job just in case my posting becomes less frequent. The first few months of a job for me are always the most stressful and hardest because of the learning curve. Because of all the hours required, I'm certain this will be no exception. Say some prayers for me!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wild and Wacky Weight Loss

The other day I was watching a show (I Lost It!) I had tivoed on Discovery. There were two stories of weight loss that were intriguing. They reminded me of one of my own weird weight-loss ploys from a few years back.

One woman had her jaw wired shut. I'd heard about this being done to people who were overweight but thought it was just some sort of joke (not funny to me, but I'm just reporting). This woman actually found a dentist who would wire her jaws shut. She kept them wired for several months and was only able to eat (well, drink to be more accurate) through a straw. If it didn't go through the straw, it didn't get in the system. She said that she carried wire cutters with her in case she had to get it cut quickly for some reason (I guess if she was choking or had a medical emergency--yikes!). She did, in fact, lose a lot of weight but gained it all back--and then some--after the wires were removed. :(

Another woman tried a weight loss system where she wore some pants that she had to connect to her vacuum. She was supposed to wear them and jog in place while the vacuum was running. I'd never heard of that one before.

Both of these women wound up losing the weight with more natural methods later, but they are not the first to try unusual methods to shed some pounds. Please see my post about women's weight loss methods from the 1800's and early 1900's (namely, the tactics of rolling and melting):

I have also tried a few of my own uncoventional approaches to get rid of my excess pounds. The one that springs to mind at the moment is an ab belt thing I bought. You may have heard of it--or owned one. It shocks your stomach during intervals to help your abs become stronger and more defined. Now, maybe it is only to help with toning and that instead of actual weight loss (though the ads told and visually depicted a different story, of course), but, either way, it really scared me after I started using it because I was thinking that all those volts to the body couldn't be good for a person. I traded it to a friend for a book after using it without results (other than the feeling that I was slowly electrocuting myself to death).

So have you all used untraditional methods to affect weight loss? Devices, pills, hypnosis (by the way, right before I was banded, I read some posts from a woman on LBT whose band did not work for her--she only lost 10 pounds total over a year and developed major reflux issues--and she had it removed and was going to try hypnosis; that scared me a little pre-banding), etc.? If you tried unconventional weight loss, what were your results?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rocking Rock Climbing (and the Gym)

On Friday night, I went to the gym for the first time in forever. The gym is at the university where I am a student since I am working on my dissertation--but sort of not a student since I am not currently enrolled in credit hours (although I will take some 'dissertation hours' at some point and have taken loads and loads of classes there for this program and other degrees--it is really a technial thing). My old ID, which I've had forever, did not work there (one of the people had never even seen one that old--obviously I'm not a spring chicken anymore). Still, they let me in the gym as a one-time thing and told me to get a new ID that will swipe correctly if I wanted to come back. I'm not sure if the new one will work to get in the gate because of my weird student status (which none of the gym people really understood how to answer--we only have one doctoral program, and I would bet that almost all of the students are commuters who don't use the gym), so I figured I would do as much as I could at the gym while I had this chance. I am hoping my new card works though since it is a fantastic gym. There is a membership for alumni, but you all know my financial situation could be better at the moment.

Anyhow, the gym was fabulous. Back in the day, the gym was lousy. The fitness area was super small and looked kind of dingy and old. My generation of students was jipped, I tell ya. But they have since built this state-of-the art facility. There was much of it I did not see. I do know that there was a healthy snack place; lots of different types of courts; an olympic-sized pool; small and large fitness rooms; loads of weights, balls, and equipment; and a wall with people's profiles who would work as personal trainers. There were all sorts of programs going on while I was there (again, sad to say, I was there on Friday night--or maybe that's a good thing since that's one of my big chow-down nights, and there were a lot of people there, so I guess it's the new university hang out). They had a karate class, a bike class, and a yoga class all going on that I could see from the indoor track. There were people playing basketball, volleyball, and raquetball too. They had a few typical fitness club-type areas too with plenty of equipment. The men and women were somewhat segregated with the women comprising most of the cardio area and the men in the weight area below. That's fine with me as I'm certainly not there to use my cougar prowess on the youngins--and really don't like to see anyone--especially men--when I'm a sweaty mess.

Well, I had my 'A' game on Friday night. I guess it was because I knew that this might be a one-time thing. I did a full 5K jog on the treadmill (yes, just jogging--I'm still not at the runner's level). Then I did the stair stepper for 20 minutes (alternating levels 3 and 4). Then I walked the indoor track for 1/2 mile. Then I got on the bike and did 6.5 miles in the fat-burn mode. Then I did a stair-stepper-on-steroids machine where there are actual, big stairs (kind of like the one on 'The Biggest Loser'). That about did me in! I lasted 20 minutes. Finally I did another 1/2 mile on the indoor track.

While I was walking it (it is on the second floor), I was watching the folks at the rock-climbing wall (yes, they have one of those too!). It is a really high wall and looked super cool. I was thinking that since I might not get to experience that again, why not? I love to see my fiance on the weekends since we're limited with work during the week, but I wanted to take advantage of this unique fitness opportunity. So I went downstairs after the walk, signed the assumption-of-risk documents, put on the rock-climbing shoes, got harnessed in, and began the climb. The people in charge there were telling me that it was a good thing that it wasn't at the beginning of the semester since the freshman all invade the wall to try it during their first few weeks of school. Let me tell you, this is a workout for sure. I do a lot of cardio regularly, but I thought my legs would be sore after the intense workouts I did prior to the wall (bike, jog, walk, and two types of stairs in one night). Instead, my arms are still super sore and are making any other pain seem absolutely insignificant at the moment. I even have some bruises as memorabilia badges of my rock-climbing victory. But what an awesome activity!!! When you get to the top and ring the cowbell, you feel like a superhero. They had several other (read: harder--inverted and such) walls and a boulder wall or something like that, so if my new card works, I have some serious goals! At any rate, I was on a high all night and would definitely recommend rock climbing to any of you who want to challenge your upper-body strength. (This isn't me in the picture by the way, but it is a picture of a harder part of the actual wall at the gym).

Friday, November 20, 2009

Can I Make It Through Thanksgiving?

For some reason, the receptionist had not entered my appointment for yesterday in the calendar, so they moved my appointment to after Thanksgiving without apology! Argh! That is a month and a half from my last fill (and I'm still hungry = scary!!!).

BTW, I wanted to tell Amy, Mary, and Melly that I have spoken with Dr. F's office (Amy's doctor). There is a membership charge into the program. It would've worked out really well had I just started with him for my fills because his fills are less than my doc's (and the membership fees would've evened out over time because of that fact and that I probably would've needed less fills with him). But at this stage in the game and with the financial concerns I have at present, I'm going to attempt to continue with my doctor until it becomes unbearable (and too close to the wedding for comfort, which might actually be soon). But going with him was a really good suggestion. And I just wanted to let you guys know the status on that since you've been steering me in that direction. I'll keep you posted on if and when I change if I do.

I appreciate EVERYONE'S comments and advice.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Jogging Casualty

My poor phone died a tragic death last night. While it had survived a previous instance of exercise-induced phone abuse about a month ago when I was caught outside in the rain far away from home and couldn't reach anyone to pick me up (it, my MP3, and my pedometer actually--they all made it through that almost completely unscathed although my pedometer ceased to operate a couple weeks later when it fell under my vehicle as I was carrying out groceries from Wally World; I now have the watch-variety pedometer, not the clip-on kind), it did not fare so well last night.

The weather has gotten cooler, so I pulled out a jacket I haven't worn in forever. I didn't realize/had forgotten that one of the pockets had ripped stitching all down the side. Anyhow, I was jogging down the street as usual around dusk, and out pops the phone (I bring it with me for safety purposes and for the time--although my new pedometer has a clock function too). I didn't realize that it was gone until I was about a half mile away. I turned around immediately and jogged back--probably faster than I would've normally gone (making lemonade here since there was nothing else good about this situation). I found it in the middle of the road. It had been run over a few times by then. I'm pretty frustrated because the ole financial situation has already taken a beating lately. Argh!!! My fiance was able to retrieve the Sim card and battery, so I hope that they'll work in another phone (I had TONS of numbers saved on there).

Anyhow, I'm trying not to think about to change the subject, I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow to determine if I need a fill. Well, as you all know, I have personally determined I DO. But the scale evidently has to convince the doctor. I am still able to eat a lot of everything including all types of bread. I am trying to make the best choices and restrict my portions as much as I can and am still exercising religiously (as detrimental as it may be to my personal items). But the nurse said that he will probably not give me one if there is a loss (even a pound or two). He might normally give me a fill with a small loss like that, but since my appointment is only one month since my last fill (which seems typical for everyone else, however), there is less time to lose. Anyhow, I hope my body's not having a good day scale-wise (that's a first) tomorrow. We'll see. Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I LOVE the jeans. They arrived today in a cute package. They fit perfectly, and I don't have any others (except some that have a broken pocket that sticks out akwardly--hard to explain, but, take my word, not so great to wear) at my current size. I really, really appreciate them. I will try to do some pics and post them soon. I can't wait to wear them!!!!

Thanks again!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blueberries And Weight Loss

I've told friends this but haven't posted it online. I don't know why I didn't since this is where I turn to discuss all things weight loss, but that questionnaire I just completed made me remember that I need to let the cat (or mice in this case) out of the bag.

Anyhow, several months ago, I heard about a study with mice and blueberries. The experiment group of mice ate blueberries and their regular diet while the control group ate their regular diet (sans blueberries). The experiment group of mice had a statistically significant amount of weight loss. However, the transferrability of the results to humans was unknown at that time.

But still, even though I reported that I like strawberries, perhaps blueberries should be my go-to fruit.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZA- a condensed version though :)
Age: 29
Animal: Dogs!
Been in Love: Yes, currently.
Believe in God: Amen! And Jesus too. This doesn't mean I'm perfect though.
Before weight: 204 Highest (weight before pre-op diet).
Candy: Kit Kats and Almond Joys. I also like those Treasures things but haven't had one in years (do they still have them (they're the ones with caramel in the middle))?
Color: The whole rainbow!
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate!!!
Chinese/Mexican: BOTH!
Cake or pie: Chocolate or strawberry cake! I'm getting hungry!!!
Country to visit: I would honestly just like to go everywhere! Sign me up!
Do the splits?: Actually, I can do one! I didn't realize I still could until a few months back when I was messing around with my friend's cheerleader daughter. I used to could do all of them though. :(
Eggs: Sunny-side up or over easy or eggs benedict or with a lot of cheese...gosh, all these food questions!!!
Eyes: Blue
First thoughts waking up: Evil alarm clock. You and the scale are in cahoots to make my life torture!
Food: Okay, I'm protesting this question. I will start chewing on the keyboard if I don't.
Get Along With Parents? For the most part.
Hair Color: Currently blonde. :)
Holiday: All of them! I'm quite indecisive--colors, places to visit, this! :)
Instrument: the piano and French horn although singing has been more my passion.
Jewelry: I like it big, but I always forget to wear earrings.
Kids: Someday. Me and the man would like a couple at least. Dogs first though. :)
Kickboxing or karate: Never before but would definitely try unless I had to break something with my hand or some other limb. I really don't like that sort of pain.
Keep a journal? Right before I started my blog, I was finishing a diary that I got from my Grandpa a long time ago. I only wrote in it a few times when I was a kid and always wanted to fill the pages. Grandpa died several years ago. And last year--getting the band, getting engaged, etc.--was a very good year to be chronicling, so it worked out nicely. I kind of miss it because I could let it all hang out there.
Longest Car Ride: 16 hours with one stop. I did this a few times when I was in school. But I had to go to the bathroom like you wouldn't believe!!!
Love: My living grandparents. The rest of my family. My wonderful guy; it makes me smile to just think of him. My friends--off and online!
Love at first sight: I met him online and had all the details about him there on the page. The more I read, the more I was enamored! He absolutely fit every single criteria that I was looking for in a guy. There was a compatability test that was shown too, and we were alike on every element. He said that all the matching in every area had not happened to him before online, and I had just joined but didn't see that on any other comparison with anyone else either. I don't know if I believe in LOVE at first sight, but this was as close as I'd ever been. Now had I not known all that info, it might've been different. I don't think that looks alone could ever do it for me. (By the way, when we met, we even had more similarities we uncovered--like being from the same area, knowing the same people, we even both have a medical condition--not serious; don't worry--that is the same and affects the same area). There is so much more, but I could go on forever. I better stop here! :)
Milk flavor: Chocolate but not in a box. Weird, I know.
Movie: Indecisive there too, but I love romance, comedy, action, and even horror. Far and Away is one of my faves.
Marriage: I suggest reading a lot of books about marriage before taking the leap. I have gone through a couple. There is some good info there.
Motion sickness? The last time I went to the fair, the Gravitron thing that spins around in a circle almost did me in. This used to not happen. No more fun now that I'm elderly, I suppose.
McD’s or BK: Both...but I mean it, no more food questions.
Number of Piercings: One in each ear.
Number: 7
One wish: Many more wishes!!!!
Pepsi/Coke: Coke then Diet Pepsi and now water (I've got to get in 3 liters a day--you heard me right--to prevent kidney stones).
Questionnaires: I usually don't partake.
Reality TV: Discover: I Lost It, Big Medicine, XWeighted, and Brookhaven Obesity Clinic; The Biggest Loser; VH1 Trash like Tool Academy, Real Chance of Love, Rock of Love, etc. can unfortunately suck me in--I'm ashamed to admit this really. I also watch TLC's The Duggars and Little Couple and all those Discovery/TLC shows about people with abnormal conditions, which really just makes me sad for them and then sad in general.
Roll your tongue in a circle? Nope, no skills. It took me forever to learn to snap too. And I still can only wink one eye.
Shoe size: 7.5 to 8.
Salad Dressing: It varies--French, Balsamic, Ranch--all low cal.
Skipped school: Only a very little.
Smoking: Never. Allergic.
Sing well?: I've been told I'm pretty good.
Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries.
Time for bed: I like to go to bed around 10:30 (not tonight obviously). My grandparents always went to bed right after the news, and I always wanted to emulate them in that. Weird, I know.
Unpredictable: Life.
Vegetable you hate: Squash, Okra, and Onions.
Vegetable you love: Black-eyed Peas, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Mushrooms, and Olives
Vacation spot: the Carribbean; Mackinac Island, Michigan; Europe; Any Place I Haven't Been
Wanted to be a model?: Maybe a little, but I would've rather been an actress or a singer back then. Now I would never want people following me like that, but the extra cash would be nice.
X-Rays: My recent one for the stone where they were worried about what that thing was inside me until they realized that it was my band. Haha. :)
Year it is now: 2009
Yellow: Yellow trash--it was something one of the Simpsons said once when talking about their neighbors--hilarious!
Zoo: Ours recently closed :(.

Happy B-day, Cara!

I'm back to not being able to comment on the posts (my computer issue; argh!). But I wanted to let you know--although it's a day before (your b-day eve) here in the states. :)

I hope you have the best one yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!