Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jumping on the Bandwagon

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZA- a condensed version though :)
Age: 29
Animal: Dogs!
Been in Love: Yes, currently.
Believe in God: Amen! And Jesus too. This doesn't mean I'm perfect though.
Before weight: 204 Highest (weight before pre-op diet).
Candy: Kit Kats and Almond Joys. I also like those Treasures things but haven't had one in years (do they still have them (they're the ones with caramel in the middle))?
Color: The whole rainbow!
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate!!!
Chinese/Mexican: BOTH!
Cake or pie: Chocolate or strawberry cake! I'm getting hungry!!!
Country to visit: I would honestly just like to go everywhere! Sign me up!
Do the splits?: Actually, I can do one! I didn't realize I still could until a few months back when I was messing around with my friend's cheerleader daughter. I used to could do all of them though. :(
Eggs: Sunny-side up or over easy or eggs benedict or with a lot of cheese...gosh, all these food questions!!!
Eyes: Blue
First thoughts waking up: Evil alarm clock. You and the scale are in cahoots to make my life torture!
Food: Okay, I'm protesting this question. I will start chewing on the keyboard if I don't.
Get Along With Parents? For the most part.
Hair Color: Currently blonde. :)
Holiday: All of them! I'm quite indecisive--colors, places to visit, this! :)
Instrument: the piano and French horn although singing has been more my passion.
Jewelry: I like it big, but I always forget to wear earrings.
Kids: Someday. Me and the man would like a couple at least. Dogs first though. :)
Kickboxing or karate: Never before but would definitely try unless I had to break something with my hand or some other limb. I really don't like that sort of pain.
Keep a journal? Right before I started my blog, I was finishing a diary that I got from my Grandpa a long time ago. I only wrote in it a few times when I was a kid and always wanted to fill the pages. Grandpa died several years ago. And last year--getting the band, getting engaged, etc.--was a very good year to be chronicling, so it worked out nicely. I kind of miss it because I could let it all hang out there.
Longest Car Ride: 16 hours with one stop. I did this a few times when I was in school. But I had to go to the bathroom like you wouldn't believe!!!
Love: My living grandparents. The rest of my family. My wonderful guy; it makes me smile to just think of him. My friends--off and online!
Love at first sight: I met him online and had all the details about him there on the page. The more I read, the more I was enamored! He absolutely fit every single criteria that I was looking for in a guy. There was a compatability test that was shown too, and we were alike on every element. He said that all the matching in every area had not happened to him before online, and I had just joined but didn't see that on any other comparison with anyone else either. I don't know if I believe in LOVE at first sight, but this was as close as I'd ever been. Now had I not known all that info, it might've been different. I don't think that looks alone could ever do it for me. (By the way, when we met, we even had more similarities we uncovered--like being from the same area, knowing the same people, we even both have a medical condition--not serious; don't worry--that is the same and affects the same area). There is so much more, but I could go on forever. I better stop here! :)
Milk flavor: Chocolate but not in a box. Weird, I know.
Movie: Indecisive there too, but I love romance, comedy, action, and even horror. Far and Away is one of my faves.
Marriage: I suggest reading a lot of books about marriage before taking the leap. I have gone through a couple. There is some good info there.
Motion sickness? The last time I went to the fair, the Gravitron thing that spins around in a circle almost did me in. This used to not happen. No more fun now that I'm elderly, I suppose.
McD’s or BK: Both...but I mean it, no more food questions.
Number of Piercings: One in each ear.
Number: 7
One wish: Many more wishes!!!!
Pepsi/Coke: Coke then Diet Pepsi and now water (I've got to get in 3 liters a day--you heard me right--to prevent kidney stones).
Questionnaires: I usually don't partake.
Reality TV: Discover: I Lost It, Big Medicine, XWeighted, and Brookhaven Obesity Clinic; The Biggest Loser; VH1 Trash like Tool Academy, Real Chance of Love, Rock of Love, etc. can unfortunately suck me in--I'm ashamed to admit this really. I also watch TLC's The Duggars and Little Couple and all those Discovery/TLC shows about people with abnormal conditions, which really just makes me sad for them and then sad in general.
Roll your tongue in a circle? Nope, no skills. It took me forever to learn to snap too. And I still can only wink one eye.
Shoe size: 7.5 to 8.
Salad Dressing: It varies--French, Balsamic, Ranch--all low cal.
Skipped school: Only a very little.
Smoking: Never. Allergic.
Sing well?: I've been told I'm pretty good.
Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries.
Time for bed: I like to go to bed around 10:30 (not tonight obviously). My grandparents always went to bed right after the news, and I always wanted to emulate them in that. Weird, I know.
Unpredictable: Life.
Vegetable you hate: Squash, Okra, and Onions.
Vegetable you love: Black-eyed Peas, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Mushrooms, and Olives
Vacation spot: the Carribbean; Mackinac Island, Michigan; Europe; Any Place I Haven't Been
Wanted to be a model?: Maybe a little, but I would've rather been an actress or a singer back then. Now I would never want people following me like that, but the extra cash would be nice.
X-Rays: My recent one for the stone where they were worried about what that thing was inside me until they realized that it was my band. Haha. :)
Year it is now: 2009
Yellow: Yellow trash--it was something one of the Simpsons said once when talking about their neighbors--hilarious!
Zoo: Ours recently closed :(.


  1. Love your questionnaire!! Ouch on the 3 liters of water a day.. that's rough. You must spend all your time in the loo, lol.
    These things are really catching on - this is the third one today I've read (AND I did my own!) But it's such a great way to get to know everyone. Love them and love your answers!!

  2. The part where you said about marriage books: "I've been through a few." I thought you meant you've already been married a few times! LOL!!!