Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Jogging Casualty

My poor phone died a tragic death last night. While it had survived a previous instance of exercise-induced phone abuse about a month ago when I was caught outside in the rain far away from home and couldn't reach anyone to pick me up (it, my MP3, and my pedometer actually--they all made it through that almost completely unscathed although my pedometer ceased to operate a couple weeks later when it fell under my vehicle as I was carrying out groceries from Wally World; I now have the watch-variety pedometer, not the clip-on kind), it did not fare so well last night.

The weather has gotten cooler, so I pulled out a jacket I haven't worn in forever. I didn't realize/had forgotten that one of the pockets had ripped stitching all down the side. Anyhow, I was jogging down the street as usual around dusk, and out pops the phone (I bring it with me for safety purposes and for the time--although my new pedometer has a clock function too). I didn't realize that it was gone until I was about a half mile away. I turned around immediately and jogged back--probably faster than I would've normally gone (making lemonade here since there was nothing else good about this situation). I found it in the middle of the road. It had been run over a few times by then. I'm pretty frustrated because the ole financial situation has already taken a beating lately. Argh!!! My fiance was able to retrieve the Sim card and battery, so I hope that they'll work in another phone (I had TONS of numbers saved on there).

Anyhow, I'm trying not to think about to change the subject, I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow to determine if I need a fill. Well, as you all know, I have personally determined I DO. But the scale evidently has to convince the doctor. I am still able to eat a lot of everything including all types of bread. I am trying to make the best choices and restrict my portions as much as I can and am still exercising religiously (as detrimental as it may be to my personal items). But the nurse said that he will probably not give me one if there is a loss (even a pound or two). He might normally give me a fill with a small loss like that, but since my appointment is only one month since my last fill (which seems typical for everyone else, however), there is less time to lose. Anyhow, I hope my body's not having a good day scale-wise (that's a first) tomorrow. We'll see. Wish me luck!!!


  1. Good Luck! That Just doesnt make sense to me on the Fill, Dr. Lord says "If you can eat more than you are suppose to call us and we will get you on the schedule for a fill." ALSO if you are LOSING then your band is getting Looser so you NEED a fill so that it will be tighter.
    *sigh* Im sorry about your phone, been there done that its not fun, although It was because I left my purse on top of the car and it flew off in the middle of Lillian Hwy..

  2. Well good luck! I hope they give you a fill. I'd try to convince him of your need. My md is cool though so I don't know how I'd deal w/ an md like that. Luck!

  3. Heaps of luck with the new fill. And sorry to hear about your phone. Hows peoples form just running over it.. pfft, people just dont care, I swear.

  4. Oh that sucks about your phone!! Hopefully you can salvage the SIM card. At least you did it while you were exercising.
    Good luck with the fill tomorrow - it's such a game isn't it?

  5. Well? have you had your appt yet? Oh I hope you get some fill!

    Also, the title of your post makes me giggle.

  6. Good Luck! I hope you get that fill and so sorry to hear about your phone!