Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving, My Fill, and New Job News

First, I'll start with the Thanksgiving situation. It was very hard to control myself. And I have to admit I fell off the wagon a bit. We had three days of Thanksgiving feasting (with both mine and the fiance's families, neither of which are of the traditional, nuclear variety; thus, more meals and food overall). I was worried it would be bad. Thankfully, I was able to hold it together somewhat and did stay away from any bread just in case I would have some sort of episode. Because I haven't told anyone about my band, inventing excuses for PBing is not my idea of fun. Still, stuffing and mac n' cheese and green bean casserole and chicken n' dumplins and pumpkin pie won my against my ongoing battle of wills. These are bad foods and I ate them in larger quantities than I should have.

But hopefully that need to fight agaist the quantities I can consume will change after today. I got a fill! And, for some reason (perhaps my 3-pound weight gain?), the doctor put in .75 cc's. This is the second highest fill amount I've had put in at one time. I suppose he is in the giving spirit what with the holidays, but, whatever the reason, I'm super stoked. I can hardly believe it honestly!! I did have to wait over an hour in a packed and rather noisy waiting room. But the fill made the annoyingness of that worth it (and a couple of the nurses and the receptionist all apologized for the wait, which I appreciate). Even with the hassles of unscheduled appointments and such, I'm glad I waited this one out since I can save some money but still get where I need to be. The verdict is still out though as far as whether I'm at my sweet spot. Please cross those fingers. Cara and Gen, how did your fills go?

Finally, I haven't mentioned my frustrations with my previous job (except to Catherine, I think), but I had to leave for a whole host of reasons. I am starting a new job tomorrow. It sounds like there will be a large billable-hour requirement, but the training is supposed to be good. And it's with a firm, not a solo practitioner, so some of the things that I was dealing with previously shouldn't fly in this environment. Still, I have the jitters. And something else I'm worried about is them trying to take me out to lunch tomorrow or this week (that's customary around here for new professionals). I understand that they go to one of our nicest restaurants sometimes for different events, and I've been dying to go to that restaurant (but haven't enough pennies for that sort of thing). I even mentioned to one of the attorneys I met that I'd never been there and that I would love to go (this was a few weeks back in the second wave of interviewing). I am on a liquid diet though, so if we do that, I won't get to try anything exciting. Just soup. Blah! This restaurant is not known for soup. I am going to try to find a good way to fit it into the conversation that I am on a liquid diet this week so that maybe we can move my lunch to next week (without mentioning the latter part, of course, since that would sound presumptuous--maybe just that I can't do any lunches out this week because of a doctor-imposed liquid diet). Of course, they may not adhere to the custom of taking out newbies, so I may be worrying for nothing. We'll see. At any rate, I wanted you to all know about the job just in case my posting becomes less frequent. The first few months of a job for me are always the most stressful and hardest because of the learning curve. Because of all the hours required, I'm certain this will be no exception. Say some prayers for me!


  1. Good luck tomorrow- I really hope you like your new job. Also great news on the fill, it should help get you through the holidays.

  2. Oooh I got my fill today too. I got .25 of a cc put in.. a little amount which seems to have helped some. Hope your .75 does too! Crossing fingers and toes and eyes for you!!!!
    Sorry you struggled in your old job - this new one might be just what you were looking for. Good luck with it! Lots of crossing of legs (oops meant fingers!!!) again for you. xx

  3. COngratulations on the new job. I am very, very happy for you. You didn't mention unhappiness with the old one much, but as a similarly "disengaged employee" at my current job, I could sort of pick it up from you!

    Congrats on putting yourself into a better situation.

    And congrats on the fill.

    It's funny how the band causes us anxiety about eating out. or it does for me, anyway. We'll get better with time, I'm sure, but I really hate that internal waffling I do whenever I know eating out is a possibility.

  4. Great news on the new job! Hopefully, they will postpone the luncheon for you.

    I guess I haven't had any problems with eating out, etc as I haven't kept my Surgery a secret at all. I'm lucky in that everyone who knows, is understanding & supportive.

  5. Congrats on the new job!

    I haven't had to worry about what I eat out yet because I rarely seem to have trouble eating anything. I've only got 2 absolute don'ts : scrambled eggs and sticky rice (which I had another incident with the other night!). Other than that I haven't ever PB'd, which I'm starting to guess is rare because I see alot of posts where people will only have soup when they go out to eat.

    Oh and I totally cheat on my post-fill diet. There's no way I'm doing liquids for that amount of time (do not follow my bad example people who read this, I'm a professional) =P

  6. So, hows the new job going? And the fill? Been thinking about you!

  7. Thank you for the well wishes and interest, Lacey, Cara, Linda, Debi, Melly, and Brooke. I have just posted an update.

    And thanks for crossing everything for me, Cara; so far it's worked. :)

    Melly: I have a sticky rice issue too (though regular rice is fine)--and now bread (and pizza crust) or tortillas. I haven't tried pasta since this fill, but I'll report back about that so we can compare notes.

    Brooke: You are so perceptive. And I think you've mentioned a little about your situation, so I've felt it from you too. I don't know if my current/new job is my dream job, but I think it will help make me a better attorney. The training is unquestionably better. It's all about getting where we want to be--maybe not today but someday! It's like the band in that respect. It isn't the fast track, but hopefully it will get us closer to our goals!

  8. Ahhh I hear you about the training. It's so imp. to me as an employee. There's currently no training in this position and I am 32 and I have a full life so I don't have time to futz around on the computer a lot on my own time with illustrator or flash or learn new speech writing tecniques, having a day here and there to step out of my "real life" and train would be much appreciated every now and then.

    I would also gladly take easy access to a bathroom or water too, though! LOL.