Monday, December 14, 2009

Work, Party, and Weight Updates

Well, I have survived the first two weeks of work (and my new fill) now. I am extremely busy trying to make my billable-hour requirement, but I am getting great training--and am not thinking about food nearly as much as I was (thanks to being busy and being much more restricted--I feel like I am eating a LOT more like a bandster now).

I have had a few lunches of the eat-out/take-out variety (though none at the really nice place I mentioned) with the staff and attorneys. I survived all of them--except one. That particular lunch was a type of working/learning lunch where we go over new state case law in my practice area (we do this every other week). You could almost hear a pin drop because one person has the floor at a time. But not when I got going: I was gurgling like crazy because it had only been two days since my fill, and though I was supposed to be on liquids for five days, I didn't want anyone to think I was weird for not eating like the crowd (all men that day except me). It was pizza too. Ugh! I was drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper to help push it down. I know that those types of drinks are a no-no, but a couple times when my significant other has had one and I've felt some PBishness coming on, I've taken a swig and felt better. Well, evidently it wasn't a good idea to mix new restriction, pizza, ad Diet Dr. Pepper (and, by the way, I have probably had a total of two diet sodas, if that, since I was banded, so that may not have been the best approach for that reason either). I was trying not to burp--geeross, I know, but I just want to make sure you have the big picture here. Thankfully I didn't, but I kept making this weird, uncontrollable gurgling noise. They probably call me the Office Gurgler or something to that effect behind my back. So much for making a good impression.

I have also had my work Christmas party (today) and my fiance's Christmas party (Saturday night). My Christmas party was just a casual lunch, but his was a formal. I bought a deep, but bright, purple floor-length dress (on sale!). Anyhow, I got a lot of compliments (at least six or seven) from his co-workers about the dress and how good I looked. His firm has a lot of community service and other activities where I see his co-workers every few months (so I know them fairly well). No one mentioned my weight, just the dress, how good lookin' I am (hubba hubba), and that they liked my hair (while my family and close friends (all of whom do NOT know about the surgery) have been taking note of the actual weight loss, I have been getting these hair compliments a lot lately but haven't done anything to it--maybe some people can't figure out the difference? Weight-to-hair transferability perhaps? I was the master of covering up the problem areas before, so that could be it). At any rate, it felt really good to not be self conscious about showing my arms--or the rest of my body for that matter.

As far as my weight, my lowest weight since surgery has now been 162 (or 73.4819 kg). That's over 40 pounds lost and is three pounds away from 159, which will put me in the NORMAL BMI zone. The problem is that I've been bouncing from 162-165 for the last few days. I've been known to bounce for WEEKS, so who knows when I'll get there. Frustrating! But I've been seeing a LOT of weight loss in my face (and apparently my hair too--see above :) ). It is really cool. I also like feeling my hip bones (like Cara). My bandiversary is Friday, and though I doubt I'll have really exciting news to report then since it's only a few days away, I'm happy to be so close to normal in a year. I know that had I not had WLS, I would've weighed MORE than I did last year because of my sedentary job and lifestyle. I certainly would not have been 40 pounds less--40 pounds that are much more likely to stay off than would've been the case had I dieted the traditional way.

I forgot to say, "THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WELL WISHES ABOUT MY NEW JOB!!!" I have posted a reply to Lacey, Cara, Linda, Debi, Melly, and Brooke in my last blog's comment section. I really love my bandster-blogster friends and, though I'm not a super poster, I'm always blogstalking and love reading and hearing from and about you all too. What a great community we have!


  1. I don't know why but you're office gurgler description had me laughing so hard. That's so stressful with new people, it's amazing how loud our little stomachs can be. :)

  2. My tum gurgles alot and sometimes that gurgle actually escapes up through my mouth (not a burp, just a gurgle) but it must get amplified coming up because I have had some very strange looks...I just laugh about it....and make jokes...can't do much about it:) Glad that the new job is going well and you are learning loads...

  3. lol My stomach also gurgles - it pips and squeaks and makes the weirdest noises...

    Wow 73 kilos? I'm hell impressed you skinny little minnie. That is BRILLIANT news and I'm stoked for you. Can't wait till I'm there too.. (another 12. something kilos for me.. 73 is my goal weight!!) Oh, is that YOUR goal weight?? I have to know now :) lol

  4. I love your "the Gurgler" comment. I like making up funny nicknames for people. I once had this job where this girl I couldn't stand bossed me around all day like I was an idiot. We all called her "the Antichrist" behind her back! I know that sounds mean but she deserved it *LOL*

    I'm so jealous of your proximity to being in the normal BMI range. I have to reach 145 to get there so I'm still pretty chubby =( I wish I could make this band go faster but I know I need to put more into it. Like exercising! I'm terrible about doing it. I'm just gonna have to do it or I'll never lose this 35 pounds I have remaining!

    Post some pictures girly! We want to see your beautiful face =)

  5. This is too funny! Right now, my stomach is just gurgling away!! At least I am by myself right now! LOL Glad to hear that your job is going great. Sounds like you had some nice parties to go to.

  6. So glad to hear you're feeling like it's clicking along finally. It's so frustrating to be so close to restriction/bandster living but know you still are your own worst obstacle before you get there (I speak from experience!)

    I think I might have done the same thing in that lunch situation. Esp. with guys. I wouldn't have wanted to stand out too much or be percieved as prissy and high maintanaince. Altho I am very jealous of your ability to hold in burps. If I don't let them rip they go the other way out. So I'd be known as the office farter.

    And I am so glad you're enjoying the new job. It makes all the difference I'll bet.

    (I'm gonna go and check out your response to the last post so I may comment there, too!).

  7. I can't believe you're so small, that is great! And even if those few pounds take a bit, being in the "normal" range will be a fabulous moment! congrats! and the gurgling thing, I've done that twice right after eating when I had a private one on one meeting w/ my boss, ackwarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!