Monday, December 28, 2009

Wintertime Exercise Update

I ate too much during the holidays. But like many of you, I am resolved to buckle down now and have started my exercise regimen in full force.

First has been the jogging. Tonight I did five miles straight jogging! Yea! That is a first for me in this journey. My sister jogged alongside me, and she is a runner. That helped motivate me (though she is leaving town again tomorrow :( ). We went by some light displays (still up, of course) in the downtown area. Very pretty. Last night I did 3.2 miles and saw some other lights nearer to my abode. It almost makes me want to jog further to see more. If only people would keep them up longer--I am turning into an advocate of redneck July Christmas decorations evidently. :)

Next calorie burner has been the Wii. I received a Wii for Christmas from my wonderful guy. :) He knew I wanted it to get in shape for the wedding even though they're still a little pricey. I used the Wii Fit for the first time yesterday (and created a Mii like a lot of you guys). I like the advanced step a lot. I have some sort of sports resort game too that might allow me to burn some calories, but I haven't had time to break that one out yet.

Finally, I have used my snow scraper that I bought when I lived in more northerly climes two times in the last week (I know! That cold in Florida!!! I do covet my scraper though in times like this since we don't see them in stores down here). That may not exactly be digging my car out or shoveling snow (like Sarah as I recall), but at least it's some sort of motion that doesn't involve bringing food to my lips or digging it out of the frig.

I hope you all are finding fun ways to be active and that you all had a blessed Christmas!


  1. Hey there x

    So nice to hear from you again.. I can't believe you jogged for five k's ... that is truly amazing. Sorry that your sister is off again... thats rough. I hope you guys had a wonderful time together.

  2. WTG! I really need to get back on the wagon, I'm not even discussing how my weight has creeped back up.

  3. Awesome job on the running! I love my Wii Fit and the Sports Resorts is fun and yes you do build up a sweat! IN fact it's time to bring it out again for me and do some Wi sports!

  4. I had thought about trying out the Hopjacks running club tomorrow night but now my family is coming over and it looks like it is going to rain anyways! But still...we have to do that!

  5. Wow great job on the 5 miles! That is awesome. I have been neglecting my Wii...but I did go snowshoeing with some running thrown in the past 2 days!

  6. Thanks everyone! :)

    And don't worry, Lacey, there're ebbs and flows with exercise just like everything else. And you have accomplished so much and are such a strong person! I have no doubt in my mind that you can severly attack whatever weight you've gained!