Friday, December 18, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, I was beginning my recovery from lapband surgery. I wasn't feeling so spiffy (much like tonight--I have a stupid cold). In fact, there was another lady and a guy I had met who were getting banded the same day as me. Out of the three of us, I was either the most whiny or the one with the most pain.

At any rate, those two were really nice folks, and I wonder what became of them. We bonded in a big way because we were alone in a foreign city and because we were sharing a unique experience. We all went to a mall together the day after we were banded and bought popsicles, and the lady and I even saw a movie the night before we flew out of town. I didn't think I would be able to bond with too many people in that same way, but I HAVE (and I can't wait to meet some of you guys in person too). I know we hear this a lot, but I am super thankful to my bandit buddies out there. I blogstalked many of you long before I ever developed my own blog (by the way, I recommend creating a blog to anyone out there who is band blogstalking). You inspire me and motivate me almost daily. That unique sense of community and support is one of the most important things that this year has brought. I can't imagine not having my blog friends.

But there are some other things I have experienced over the past year as well. I have been able to jog--over 4 miles now--and participate in a 5K. My face, aside from a couple wrinkes (argh) is also looking like it did when I was younger. While right now I don't necessarily fit in many clothes (I'm really tight--monetarily speaking--as I've mentioned), this isn't a horrible thing for my self esteem. I don't mind bumping into people I know anymore; I used to be so ashamed. Also, I am very close to being within the normal BMI range.

And one of the biggest things to celebrate (for all of us) is that there is not nearly the anxiety in contemplating gaining all the weight back or becoming heavier than before surgery. I was a lower-BMI surgical candidate if you'll recall, so it was really me thinking about my relationship wth food and then taking a realistic look at my future. I have some very obese family members with my same body type, and I realized that I would just continue moving in that direction if things didn't change. Also, as my lawyer friends can attest, life as an attorney is certainly VERY sedentary. It's like Iron-Butt Syndrome, and I was just getting started. I haven't had children yet either (and would like to), so that would probably mean more weight. I was also one of those people who had lost weight successfully but then just put it back on and then some. The future looked grim, but I am thankful every day for my decision and my band. Just to think that I'd probably be 10+ pounds over what I was before surgery if I had not taken that step! And as you probably can tell, I would be willing to endure whatever pain I felt this time last year if I had it to do again (thank goodness I shouldn't have to though! :) ).

That said, make sure you eat a protein bar or tip back a shake (for you folks on liquids) for my bandiversary!


  1. Wow, a whole year! Time flies when you are having fun! I am a baby bandster, having only being banded on Nov 19th. But it's folks like you that keep inspiring me to continue on. Right now I am in bandster hell, waiting for my first fill on the 28th. You are doing fantastic.

    Happy Holidays

  2. Happy Bandiversary to you and congrats on your new healthier lifestyle. I'm with you that if we all stick together, it makes this journey so much better.

  3. hehhe, do I have to have a protein shake!!!

    Really though, that is so cool. And I think you were smart to see the way things were trending. Having the surgery for you was preventive health care.

  4. Congradulations on the WL, you've done great! And I truly can't wait for my 1 yr bandiversary as well!

  5. Happy late bandiversary!! You have done so well. I think looking back at my own history it would have been smart to get surgery at a smaller weight - so well done you for being preemptive.

  6. Happy bandiversary (even though I am really late :)!

  7. You have done so well!!! Congratulations on the running that is so awesome!

    My sister got her degree as a respiratory therapist.

    I am going to try my best to get my friend who had the band to read your website. It would be of great encouragement for her.