Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Question About Biotin

I bought some Biotin tablets (thanks for asking about that, Cara, and for answering, Catherine :) ). I was wondering how you all are taking them??? Do you open them up and put it in food/water, or do you swallow them? So far, I've been doing the Flintstone vitamins (two a day) for all my vitaneeds, but, of course, they are chewable. These are supplemental to those, not a replacement (just in case any of you haven't heard, Biotin is supposed to help hair growth, which is important for us post WLS). Has anyone noticed any results (new hair growth or healthier-looking hair) since taking them? Cara, how have your other hair products been working?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Wintertime Exercise Update

I ate too much during the holidays. But like many of you, I am resolved to buckle down now and have started my exercise regimen in full force.

First has been the jogging. Tonight I did five miles straight jogging! Yea! That is a first for me in this journey. My sister jogged alongside me, and she is a runner. That helped motivate me (though she is leaving town again tomorrow :( ). We went by some light displays (still up, of course) in the downtown area. Very pretty. Last night I did 3.2 miles and saw some other lights nearer to my abode. It almost makes me want to jog further to see more. If only people would keep them up longer--I am turning into an advocate of redneck July Christmas decorations evidently. :)

Next calorie burner has been the Wii. I received a Wii for Christmas from my wonderful guy. :) He knew I wanted it to get in shape for the wedding even though they're still a little pricey. I used the Wii Fit for the first time yesterday (and created a Mii like a lot of you guys). I like the advanced step a lot. I have some sort of sports resort game too that might allow me to burn some calories, but I haven't had time to break that one out yet.

Finally, I have used my snow scraper that I bought when I lived in more northerly climes two times in the last week (I know! That cold in Florida!!! I do covet my scraper though in times like this since we don't see them in stores down here). That may not exactly be digging my car out or shoveling snow (like Sarah as I recall), but at least it's some sort of motion that doesn't involve bringing food to my lips or digging it out of the frig.

I hope you all are finding fun ways to be active and that you all had a blessed Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve and Shoutout to Liz

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!! I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season!!!

Also, Liz, I just wanted to tell you that I think you look fab and love your new pics! You look awesome, and those people bringing up all the negativity really should stop. It's so unnecessary and makes us all nervous about blogging our true feelings (and probably posting pics too for those people that are comfortable doing that). In fact, I was talking to Amy yesterday about one of my big issues in telling people about my band is worrying about people being judgmental. Things like this make me even more skittish. At any rate, Liz, speaking for the majority, I assure you, we think you look amazing!!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Experience Meeting a Supersar Bandster

I got the most wonderful Christmas present today: I got to meet Amy in person, and she is just as amazing as she seems on her blog. She is so funny and beautiful (so tiny) and warm and intelligent. Unfortunately, I was sounding like a babbling, bluthering idiot since I was a bit star struck (and I am really kicking myself for this now because there was so much more I wanted to hear about her). I even kept asking her overlapping questions because there was so much I wanted to know. I wish we could've talked longer, but I had to get back to work, and she had some things to tend to as well. I can't wait to see her again though. She is super cool; if I were Barbara Walters, she would've been my top interview of the year. :)

And attention to Mary, Melly, and Lacey, we are definitely wanting to get together with you guys too. Dinner or lunch or whatever. We are starting to plan something with Mary in the next couple of weeks; we both can't wait to meet her (and everyone else). We are also talking about walking with one of the walking clubs in downtown Pensacola on Wednesday nights (though I might walk on Tuesdays too with another one, so if anyone can make it then, let me know). We don't have to do this every week or anything, but anytime you want to show up, let everyone know so anyone who is available can plan to meet. Just FYI, the walkers start at Hopjacks on Wednesday and Seville Quarter on Tuesdays (Amy knows the times). I hope we can all meet soon!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, I was beginning my recovery from lapband surgery. I wasn't feeling so spiffy (much like tonight--I have a stupid cold). In fact, there was another lady and a guy I had met who were getting banded the same day as me. Out of the three of us, I was either the most whiny or the one with the most pain.

At any rate, those two were really nice folks, and I wonder what became of them. We bonded in a big way because we were alone in a foreign city and because we were sharing a unique experience. We all went to a mall together the day after we were banded and bought popsicles, and the lady and I even saw a movie the night before we flew out of town. I didn't think I would be able to bond with too many people in that same way, but I HAVE (and I can't wait to meet some of you guys in person too). I know we hear this a lot, but I am super thankful to my bandit buddies out there. I blogstalked many of you long before I ever developed my own blog (by the way, I recommend creating a blog to anyone out there who is band blogstalking). You inspire me and motivate me almost daily. That unique sense of community and support is one of the most important things that this year has brought. I can't imagine not having my blog friends.

But there are some other things I have experienced over the past year as well. I have been able to jog--over 4 miles now--and participate in a 5K. My face, aside from a couple wrinkes (argh) is also looking like it did when I was younger. While right now I don't necessarily fit in many clothes (I'm really tight--monetarily speaking--as I've mentioned), this isn't a horrible thing for my self esteem. I don't mind bumping into people I know anymore; I used to be so ashamed. Also, I am very close to being within the normal BMI range.

And one of the biggest things to celebrate (for all of us) is that there is not nearly the anxiety in contemplating gaining all the weight back or becoming heavier than before surgery. I was a lower-BMI surgical candidate if you'll recall, so it was really me thinking about my relationship wth food and then taking a realistic look at my future. I have some very obese family members with my same body type, and I realized that I would just continue moving in that direction if things didn't change. Also, as my lawyer friends can attest, life as an attorney is certainly VERY sedentary. It's like Iron-Butt Syndrome, and I was just getting started. I haven't had children yet either (and would like to), so that would probably mean more weight. I was also one of those people who had lost weight successfully but then just put it back on and then some. The future looked grim, but I am thankful every day for my decision and my band. Just to think that I'd probably be 10+ pounds over what I was before surgery if I had not taken that step! And as you probably can tell, I would be willing to endure whatever pain I felt this time last year if I had it to do again (thank goodness I shouldn't have to though! :) ).

That said, make sure you eat a protein bar or tip back a shake (for you folks on liquids) for my bandiversary!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Work, Party, and Weight Updates

Well, I have survived the first two weeks of work (and my new fill) now. I am extremely busy trying to make my billable-hour requirement, but I am getting great training--and am not thinking about food nearly as much as I was (thanks to being busy and being much more restricted--I feel like I am eating a LOT more like a bandster now).

I have had a few lunches of the eat-out/take-out variety (though none at the really nice place I mentioned) with the staff and attorneys. I survived all of them--except one. That particular lunch was a type of working/learning lunch where we go over new state case law in my practice area (we do this every other week). You could almost hear a pin drop because one person has the floor at a time. But not when I got going: I was gurgling like crazy because it had only been two days since my fill, and though I was supposed to be on liquids for five days, I didn't want anyone to think I was weird for not eating like the crowd (all men that day except me). It was pizza too. Ugh! I was drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper to help push it down. I know that those types of drinks are a no-no, but a couple times when my significant other has had one and I've felt some PBishness coming on, I've taken a swig and felt better. Well, evidently it wasn't a good idea to mix new restriction, pizza, ad Diet Dr. Pepper (and, by the way, I have probably had a total of two diet sodas, if that, since I was banded, so that may not have been the best approach for that reason either). I was trying not to burp--geeross, I know, but I just want to make sure you have the big picture here. Thankfully I didn't, but I kept making this weird, uncontrollable gurgling noise. They probably call me the Office Gurgler or something to that effect behind my back. So much for making a good impression.

I have also had my work Christmas party (today) and my fiance's Christmas party (Saturday night). My Christmas party was just a casual lunch, but his was a formal. I bought a deep, but bright, purple floor-length dress (on sale!). Anyhow, I got a lot of compliments (at least six or seven) from his co-workers about the dress and how good I looked. His firm has a lot of community service and other activities where I see his co-workers every few months (so I know them fairly well). No one mentioned my weight, just the dress, how good lookin' I am (hubba hubba), and that they liked my hair (while my family and close friends (all of whom do NOT know about the surgery) have been taking note of the actual weight loss, I have been getting these hair compliments a lot lately but haven't done anything to it--maybe some people can't figure out the difference? Weight-to-hair transferability perhaps? I was the master of covering up the problem areas before, so that could be it). At any rate, it felt really good to not be self conscious about showing my arms--or the rest of my body for that matter.

As far as my weight, my lowest weight since surgery has now been 162 (or 73.4819 kg). That's over 40 pounds lost and is three pounds away from 159, which will put me in the NORMAL BMI zone. The problem is that I've been bouncing from 162-165 for the last few days. I've been known to bounce for WEEKS, so who knows when I'll get there. Frustrating! But I've been seeing a LOT of weight loss in my face (and apparently my hair too--see above :) ). It is really cool. I also like feeling my hip bones (like Cara). My bandiversary is Friday, and though I doubt I'll have really exciting news to report then since it's only a few days away, I'm happy to be so close to normal in a year. I know that had I not had WLS, I would've weighed MORE than I did last year because of my sedentary job and lifestyle. I certainly would not have been 40 pounds less--40 pounds that are much more likely to stay off than would've been the case had I dieted the traditional way.

I forgot to say, "THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WELL WISHES ABOUT MY NEW JOB!!!" I have posted a reply to Lacey, Cara, Linda, Debi, Melly, and Brooke in my last blog's comment section. I really love my bandster-blogster friends and, though I'm not a super poster, I'm always blogstalking and love reading and hearing from and about you all too. What a great community we have!