Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Question About Biotin

I bought some Biotin tablets (thanks for asking about that, Cara, and for answering, Catherine :) ). I was wondering how you all are taking them??? Do you open them up and put it in food/water, or do you swallow them? So far, I've been doing the Flintstone vitamins (two a day) for all my vitaneeds, but, of course, they are chewable. These are supplemental to those, not a replacement (just in case any of you haven't heard, Biotin is supposed to help hair growth, which is important for us post WLS). Has anyone noticed any results (new hair growth or healthier-looking hair) since taking them? Cara, how have your other hair products been working?


  1. I was told I can swallow pills the size of regular Advil or smaller, or an M&M...my biotin is smaller, so I am taking it.

  2. Hey there

    My biotin are in the form of a small shiny brown tab - take twice a day - and they are for hair, nails and skin.. but it says to take for a month before any real notice happens.

    I tell you what is making the difference tho - it's the Nioxin. That stuff is amazing (will post on it asap!!)Within the first use I noticed a difference with the dryness and no using it for a few weeks my hair is looking MUCH MUCH better - not sure if its thickened any .. but the overall state of it is 100 percent. I am using the hair growth stuff too (comes with it.. just rub it in after you shampoo and cond) so will let you know how that goes.

  3. my Biotin is just a small capsule and I have no real problem with swallowing it...I haven't been taking it long enough to notice any difference yet, perhaps in a month or so I will let you know...

  4. I just swalled mine, twice a day if I remember correctly. I took them for about 6 months straight with no noticable results. Time was all that truly helped me. I have about 2 inch long hairs all over my head now...LOL!

  5. I'm on the fence with Biotin. I'm upset with my hair loss, but I have a couple friends that had bypass and they had major hair loss and said they weren't sure if the biotin helped.
    I agree with Lacey that time my be the only thing it help with regrowth. I have been using Ojon treatment and it's helped with dryness and shine.

    Let me know how it goes.

  6. I think you won't have a problem swallowing the biotin but they do make chewable ones...


    I take those cause I keep them in the car and they taste like candy..

  7. I might try the chewable ones when I'm done smashing these up (my current ones are cow-sized pills unfortunately :( ).

    It also seems like the waiting game is part and parcel. But the Nioxin and Ojon sounds good for the hair itself, and mine is certainly suffering. I will look into getting whichever I can find.