Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year + My Word

I hope everyone was able to ring in the New Year with lots of excitement (or perhaps sleep instead since that's what some some people need to start the year off right :) ). Last night, my guy and I watched several back-to-back episodes of Ghost Lab. I guess we too were feeling the scary New Year's celebrating that Jenny was mentioning with 'Paranormal Activity'. Right now I'm watching the 2010 Rose Parade. There are some very pretty floats. But if you miss it and didn't catch any fireworks last night, I would recommend you head over to Cara's page to see the fireworks display from Australia, which she kindly videoed and put up for us to enoy. It will make you feel celebratory for sure.

And while on the New Year's note, I have been thinking about my word lately and reading those from others'. 'Adventure', 'Love', 'Believe', 'Actualize'...those and others are great words and ones with which I can certainly relate. But this year I am probably most in need of some extra motivation. I've hardly planned the wedding, and I HAVE to get moving. I also HAVE to (start and) finish a big school project before a committee member retires. Next, I have some career-related reading that I would like to do. There are lots of organizational tasks I have started but not finished. As far as health, I may not get to my weight-loss goal, but with the wedding fast approaching, Iwant to be as far down that path as possible. This isn't all, but these are some of the big endeavors that are before me and that I really should (and in some cases, must) achieve. And they are all in addition to work and the move (the guy and I are in a contract for a house right now, so if all goes well, that will be happening soon). So I thought about it, and 'ACCOMPLISH' seems like an inspiring and motivational word that will keep me moving towards completion of some of these things. (And that said, I would love for you all to keep me accountable and question me about my status on any of the above tasks so that it will keep me focused).

Finally, I loved what Sarah mentioned on her blog about running a 1K in race miles for every year of her life. I would like to copy her idea and try it too. If I don't achieve that this year though, I won't beat myself up too much since it's going to be such a busy year. But it is something great to aim for in this fitness journey.

Okay, I'll let you all get on with your New Year's fun. Don't forget to see Cara's fireworks.

Happy New Year, bandsters!!!!


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out pretty Senorita!! xxxx Does this mean you called in but no message (sigh!!) lol.. kidding!

    Love your word! I picked one out too - Focus (and for a second reading what you had to say when picking your word, thought we were going for a double clanger lol) but I LOVE accomplish - it has an air of getting things done once and for all... and you seem like that kind of girl.. make a decision - stick with it!!

    Hope you had a lovely NYE x

  2. SO this is what I think. We must share all of our wedding planning details with each other. BC I am thinking Tracey and I will probably be getting married in October or November and I am just beginning to start trying to research places for the reception...oh man...all of it! It gets really overwhelming really quick. Maybe we can discuss on Tuesday. Yes?

  3. Great word for all you have to do. I LOVED planning my wedding, but I was also a cater/event planner for many years so it wasn't as intimidating. Even still it was a lot of work. Let me know if you need any long distance help. :)

    Happy New Year!

  4. Great word choice! Now go write in on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker, so you have a constant reminder :).

  5. 困難的不在於新概念,而在於逃避舊有的概念。.........................

  6. Thanks, Linda, I might take you up on that! And Amy, I'm all for co-planning. :) That might get me moving (still haven't written on the mirror, but that's a good idea too, Lacey!). :) :) :)

    And Cara, that's funny because I thought your word post was heading in the direction I was planning to go too.