Friday, May 7, 2010

Size Differences Between Women and Juniors

I was thinking about sizes the other day. I wear about a size 10-12 in pants (although I've been rocking Angie's old size 14 jeans for months now...cinching in the belt and jeans as much as possible because I don't want to buy new jeans if I lose anymore weight as things are SUPER tight in the finance department right now--wedding, new house, etc.). I even tried on some size 8 pants the other day (I was at the store because I was forced to get some nicer tops for work--it was truly a necessity since I've been wearing drooping tops for weeks, and I don't want to lose my job over lack of professionalism in attire--and decided to look at a couple of pairs of pants just in case I might find something perfect to wear to work for super cheap). I didn't realize that I had picked up the size 8's because the hanger said 12 or 10. They were too tight but zipped up fine. I was a little annoyed at first after believing them to be a 12 or 10, but then I became really excited that I could fit myself into an 8 (albeit not a perfect fit).

But...what is interesting is that I have some old 13's, but they fit like the 8's. See, on the way up, I wore only juniors sizes. I had kept these in the my stack of things I hoped to one day wear again. It is strange that I am a size 15 and a 10/12 right now. I was a size 17 when the 14's of Angie fit perfectly. I guess younger gals are really built differently since an 8 is nowhere near a 13, etc. For me at least, there has been a 3-5 size difference in Juniors v. Women sizes.

Have any of you worn juniors clothes since being banded? Have you noticed this, or am I just freakish in how I wear clothes?

***And, by the way, I wanted to tell Angie 'THANK YOU' for the card she sent with the jeans a few months back. I didn't even realize she had sent it until I was going through some things the other day, and the card fell out of the envelope. You are too sweet. :)


  1. I notice a big difference in the sizing between women's and juniors. I do a lot of shopping at Target right now since I don't want to spend a lot on clothes and the difference between their sizes is crazy. Tops for instance, I will have to grab a XXL in the juniors and I'm lucky if that fits, but the other day I was able to get a MEDIUM in the regular section. Crazy.

  2. I think Juniors are cut differently. I would think that Juiniors are for people who don't have a lot of curves-or haven't had kids! lol

  3. I am finding the same thing out. I am into a size 16 jeans in ladies...and I am really wanting to wear jr pants...and I can't fit into any of them...yet :( so they are totally different

  4. Yep, same issue here. I can fit into an 8 in women's, but not in Juniors...tops Med. in Women's and a Lg. or XL in Juniors. And my old skinny clothes are MUCH larger sizes than todays.