Monday, April 11, 2011

Full Bars

Before I was banded, I was exploring a product called the Full Bar. I chose the band instead of pursuing yet another diet product or seeming quick-fix solution. Anyhow, I was reminded of the bars while watching an infomerical last night. The doctor/creator purports that he has done over 1500 WLS's and that the same concept used for WLS is that used for the Full Bar--namely, making your stomach feel full.

I went online to read some reviews. Some were good, and some were not so good. One was written by a bandster even!

I was just curious if anyone else out in Bandland has tried them since I never did?

Oh, and has anyone ever heard of (or was anyone banded by) the creator Dr. Michael A. Snyder?


  1. I honestly don't see how they would work because they are about 200-250 calories each. So if you eat three a day with each meal you are consuming at least 600 extra calories!

  2. This doctor is in Denver, I had researched him, so I was very interested in the product. I actually tried it while I was in "Bandster Hell" --i.e., not restricted.

    My take on it: meh. I don't see how this could work at all. I agree with Heather. You are supposed to eat one of these things and then a whole meal? And lose weight? Right....

    And they don't taste great either. Thumbs down and shame on the doc - he should know better.

  3. He's actually my doc. I've never tried the bar - but I love him lots!

  4. thanks for the info it saves me a little cash. I like the protein bars from target they are tasty and not that expensive.

  5. My curiousity is also peaked by this bar, but I think he's got something to sell.. and it doesn't seem so likely to be the answer to all of our prayers since it is not being touted as the newest weight loss 'answer.'
    I get the anatomy he is speaking about and compressing the vagus nerve, but you really need the band on the vagus nerve to do the job... just my thoughts.