Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weight Loss: What Has Worked For Me

So yesterday I talked about what did not work for me. And I got some great responses (even that the Ab Belt has worked for some! :) ). But what has worked for me (even if short-term) aside from the lapband?

I did lose some weight a couple years after the Ab Belt adventure when I went on an extended trip out of the country. I did a lot of walking during my long stay. But unfortunately the weight came back on in full force when I returned home.

In the area I reside, especially in the summer (but overall really), the masses always drive to get to wherever they are heading. With the car parked in the garage or driveway and with most parking garages, lots, and spaces being at least fairly close to accessed buildings, there really isn't a lot of walking that HAS to be done round these parts.

I sometimes wonder whether I would lose more weight if I lived in another least one where I was forced to walk more. I know a couple of other folks who also provide good examples of how getting out of the country is good for the weight-loss situation. A friend's mom has lived in Europe for about ten years now and is pretty tiny--compared to being overweight (and maybe obese) for several years before moving. Another one of my friends recently got back from a trip to Africa and has lost what looks to be about forty or so pounds. She is wanting to go back but will be studying here for a couple years before permanently moving. I will be, I'm sort of ashamed to say, watching her weight progression here and there in order to better speculate about my own potential to keep weight down in another country (although I have no imminent moves planned).

Has anyone else been out of the country (or even out of your hometown) and lost significant weight? Was it because of the siteseeing legwork, increased mobility for other reasons, or difference in cuisine?

Have you found success with other weight loss methods--even if not permanently? Tell me about them.

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