Friday, April 1, 2011

My Trail Mix in Calories

So I did the math on my trail mix:

1 ounce of walnuts = 185 calories
1/4 cup (or 1.4 ounces) of dried cherries = 134 calories
30 pieces of semi-sweet chocolate chips = 70 calories

In total, that is 389 calories for a serving (not sure exactly how close I am to a serving though--I know, I know...I should be measuring that sort of thing). If I am close, that is a LOT of calories for a snack. But as others have mentioned, it is pretty filling and does help with fiber intake, thus really helping the ole system work more efficiently (due to the walnuts and cherries). The verdict is still out for whether I will continue with the same snack. I might try subbing some less caloric nuts and/or fruit. If I do decide to stick with the cherry taste, I will move to raisins, primarily because they are cheaper--as far as weight-loss benefits, they only save me 4 calories (1/4 cup of raisins = 130 calories).

On another note, I am a sucker for this whole royal wedding media blitz. I love the pomp and circumstance that goes with a royal wedding. Has anyone else been following the goings on online or on TV? Will anyone else watch it? I think I will record it so that I won't have to wake up super early, but I am excited to see the event...and her dress! Any guesses on what style she'll wear?


  1. Have you tried bulking up your mix with something with less calories? I often mix cheerios, nuts, chocolate chips and nuts together. It's good and the cheerios allow me to eat more with fewer calories.
    I love royal weddings - I was always a bit of a Diana freak and was a little girl when she got married - it was like a Disney movie(at least the wedding). I took the day off work because my best friends wedding is the next day so I plan on getting up early to watch and then going to my friends rehearsal later that day.

  2. Thank you, Linda! What a great idea! I already have the chocolate Cheerios in stock (and they are about the same--as far as calories and nutrition--as the regular ones).

    So you will have double weddings that day. :) I actually just watched "Diana: Queen of Hearts" even though I had a million other things I need to do. I can imagine it was like a Disney movie...especially for a little girl. I can't wait to see this one!!!