Monday, April 4, 2011

More Moaning and Complaining

Well, after more than two weeks, I *think* I'm finally over my cold or whatever illness was wracking my body.....but, lucky me, I started my period, complete with killer cramps, today. And I have had pretty bad heartburn from the esophagitis for the last few hours too. Ugh! Can't a gal catch a break?

(I said *think* up there because I know a couple of folks who've had similar illnesses recently who had something like an 'eye of the storm' before their illness took hold again. I'm trying to be optimistic and assume it's passed completely.)

Anyhow, I guess it could always be worse, but I certainly don't want to test it.

I hope everyone's Monday went well.


  1. Nice thing about your period is that iut will be over soon...Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh my gawd, I have been having the tingling my back, on my left and right side! Doctor thinks I have an ulcer...could it be GERD???????

  3. So sorry you are still dealing with the esophagitis. Hope this is over SOON for you!!!