Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sister Wives: The Weight of Four Wives

I (very shamefully) admit that I watch Sister Wives on TLC. I don't know if anyone else does? Anyhow, I have wondered something for a while now about the gals in that 'marriage': do they get jealous of one another as far as appearance goes?

I am really not much of the jealous type anymore. I used to be moreso in my younger days. But I would think that if my husband had three other wives that I might do a lot of comparing and that sort of thing.

The wives on this show range from very thin to average to overweight/obese. Now, I know that people can be totally blissful about their bodies in each of those groups, but I personally wasn't overjoyed about my size when I was obese. Adding other body issues to that mix (wrinkles, flaws, etc.) would seem to make a situation of multiple wives unbearable as far as continued comparison goes. If I were married to a guy who was also married to a twig ten years my junior (not that I ever could or would be in that situation!), it might strike the jealousy nerve (and perhaps even send me reeling down the path of Body Dysmorphic Disorder)....regularly. I wonder how these women cope with thoughts that they might not be the pretty one, the thin one, etc. in their marriage? Or have I just been raised in an environment that puts too much importance on these things? I, of course, realize that there are other redeeming qualities (intellect, wit, kindness, and so on), but to think that my husband, of all people, might be comparing my physical attributes to other wives is a little disturbing. Any thoughts?


  1. I have thought this exact thing! So interesting.

  2. Me too! I just dont know how they do it...period!

  3. I watch this also - and I had exactly the same thought. I'd be the overweight wife and would be totally jealous and insecure. I couldn't handle it the way it appears they do. I do like the one (don't remember her name) who is upfront about her jealousy issues. It looks so difficult financially as well for them. I don't knock the lifestyle choice, I just couldn't do it myself.

  4. I have thought the same thing - however I have asked my DH many times after that show if I could have a sister wife:) I work full time with 3 kids and the thought of someone staying home, cleaning and cooking and watching my kids, sounds ideal:) LOL. Honestly though I totally have had the same thoughts, just wondering how insecure I would feel if that were me.