Thursday, April 14, 2011

Losing Weight Because of Guys

Another means of my shedding weight has resulted from the acquisition of new boyfriends. When I start to get involved with a new guy, I tend to lose weight because of the nervousness factor. I am slightly nauseous for a while and really don't think about food at all. I certainly can't eat in front of them on dates--not from fear of eating too much, just because I am so anxious about the dating situation in general.

Still, I feel unhealthy all the while because I know my appetite will inevitably return. At least with getting out of the country, I've been exercising. With this, my habits haven't changed whatsoever (too bad :( ).

But I guess I don't have to worry about this these days anyhow since I'm an old married lady. :)

Have any of you lost weight as a result of dating? What was/is your experience?


  1. I think I am experiencing this exact thing lately. I don't post about my dating life on my blog for privacy reasons, but I am at my all time wierd! Thanks for this post... :) Totally makes sense now

  2. At least you ladies are dating. I hope to be in your positions one day where I can say, I am losing weight cause I go on so many dates. I just recently wrote a post about how one of my motivations for losing weight was to attract more men. Keep up the good work ladies!