Friday, April 8, 2011

Do I Have Restriction Now?

As I have posted, I have no fill whatsoever in my band now. None. Zilch. Nada. Every drop of fluid was completely removed over two months ago at the onset of my issues.

The reason for this particular post is that a couple of people who have messaged me privately have asked me if I have any restriction now since I have no fill. So, since it's been asked more than once, I thought others might want to know too????

To preface this, I was not one of those bandsters who had restriction before getting my first adjustment. In fact, I actually GAINED weight post surgery (two pounds, to be exact, from December '08 to about February of '09) before I received any fluid. I've not heard of any others gaining, but I guess there is always an outlier. Lucky me!

As you know, I did start losing after the first fill...albeit, slowly. I incorporated better eating habits and jogging (and all sorts of other exercise) into my daily life. I could feel restriction at that point, but I never was the type who didn't have to snack, was full for hours after eating, or could eat a pre-set amount of food in one sitting (in fact, I sometimes noticed that I could eat loads at a time--I posted about this probably around Summer or Fall of '09). While this was the case, I would still PB on occasion if I ate too fast or if something didn't agree with me (dry meat and vegetable skin are on the short list of things that don't work for me...I don't really like either, so it's not been an issue avoiding them).

When all of my recent issues started in the second half of January, before the unfill, I had the most horrendous pain ever when eating and even when I wasn't. Although I would still get hungry (same as usual), I was advised to try a liquid-only diet before everything was removed. As you know, that didn't work. Pain was my constant companion until the unfill (in early February). At that point, the pain began decreasing. It didn't instantly go the experiences of others have been...but it did decrease to the point I'm at now where my symptoms are essentially some heartburn and tingling in my limbs. I've been at this point for about a month--although I was recently sick (which brought back the sore throat symptoms) for over two weeks.

So to answer the question I have been asked, I have experienced something akin to restriction a COUPLE of times since all of this annoyance started. But it's not really restriction. It's been more of a heartburny-type sensation, which seems to be common with GERD when people eat too fast. I need to have some fill before I can really feel restriction. Since all this started, I am eating more than ever...and hungry all the time. :(

I hope that gives the information that you all were seeking.


  1. I think if you are still having heartburn at this point you should ask for an Upper GI and make sure your band doctor reviews the actual films.
    It would probably give you some peace of mind that your band hasn't slipped -- and if it has you'll have an answer for what's going's such an easy/fairly cheap test, there's no reason not to do one in my opinion.

  2. How miserable! I'm sorry you have struggled so much.