Friday, April 15, 2011

Losing Weight Due to Exercise

I lost some weight when I was in my early 20's by regularly exercising. I was gymming it up every day. Cardio was my companion. Consistency was key. This is how I helped lose weight in the first year of banding too.

But I feel like sometimes life gets in the way with this approach. Yes, I know that many people have continued with their fitness regimens for a few years after banding, and I also know that life is all about choices. I do completely understand and appreciate this method and line of thinking. And, to be honest, I kind of like exercising...well, depending on what it is.

But I am in a different place right now. When I have a major project, I am a one-track mind sort of person. For instance, while working on my paper like I am right now (a project which is very important to me...and takes a LOOOONNNNGGG time), I find it easy for my motivations to become overtaken by something more desirable (most anything right now). If I start another endeavor even with my paper looming, I want to either see that new whatever it is through to completion or try to improve myself as much as possible in that new vein. Exercise would fall into the latter category. I would be constantly striving to work out more and longer if I started back at all. I know this because I have been on this path before with exercise. I can't stop at 30 minutes a day. And I will want to log time, food, and pay attention and concentrate on all things exercise and nutrition. These efforts would derail me from my one-track focus on completing my paper.

It's strange that I can't do both, but I am just the type that must concentrate my efforts when I have a big project. I have to be obsessive about my one big goal. What scares me about this approach is that I don't even have children yet!!

Is anyone else of the one-track-mind sort when it comes to big projects and endeavors?


  1. I cant REALLY relate to what you are saying...I am the same way...through my band journey I have several times gotten busy with different "life things" and stopped working out for 1-2 months at at time...but I always eventually get back on track :) you will too!

  2. I'm kind of in the same boat right now. I have a huge exam to prepare for in June, and we are trying to really enforce the bedtime routine for our kids. So yeah, not much exercise going on here either, and I'm at peace with it. I don't like it, but I'll accept it as the way it needs to be for right now.