Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Do You Say, "No"?

I have been working on my paper at the university campus in order to focus. But I always eat lunch before going there...or pick something up to eat while working on my paper. If I don't eat at home, I usually go to Subway. It's on the way. Good place to go, right? No. It's not so healthy for me because I LOVE their cookies and just can't resist. Today I was in the Subway drive-in lane repeating to myself over and over that I would not get cookies this time...and two seconds later, you guessed it, I was ordering two chocolate chip cookies. You can substitute them as a side, and I just can't seem to stop myself from doing that (it also doesn't help that I'm not wild about apples as a side...they are not among my favorite fruits). Any tips or tricks to avoid the evil cookies of Subway...or other temptations, for that matter?


  1. Oy.. I have a tough time passing up cookies, too. My recommendation is to either (a) only let yourself have them on days you are going to the gym; or (b) tell yourself they are poisonous and avoid them like the plague...

    Or, just let yourself only have one.

  2. those look yummy!
    does the tingling ever stop? email me at

  3. I vote for planning your day to incorporate the cookies.

  4. Don't get a combo meal, then you don't have to choose between apples and cookies. :-) When I go there, if I'm REALLY hungry, I get a 6 inch turkey sub, bread scooped out, double meat. Then I don't need chips/cookies/apples/soda. Also, the Subway by me offers yogurt as a side too - I think it costs extra, but if you want a sweet, that might work.

  5. I wish that a six-inch would satisfy me. :( Even before my unfill (and I was pretty full), I could put away the whole footlong and the cookies. :( I'm not one of those bandsters who is satisfied with very small say the least. I would have stomach-growling hunger even at my most full.

    When I was at Subway most recently, I was trying to tell myself not to get the combo, but it didn't work. :( :( :( I wonder if I just need to stay away from Subway entirely. Getting one might work....but the plague thoughts may be the best approach.