Friday, August 7, 2009

Weight/Height/Clothing Size Correspondence Chart

This chart was something neat I found online because I've been wondering how soon (in pounds) it will be until I get to the next size down. It fits me so far (but I don't wear tight clothes just FYI; I try to disguise as much as possible (and want to be comfortable))! :)

Actually, I posted this (following) on Cara's blog today about my current size: "I am fitting in a couple 16's and the whole range of 17's that I have. I was barely able to button the loosest 17's they have just a few months ago. The cool thing is that I have lots more clothing options because I've hoarded everything."

I am a size XL in shirts but can wear some L's okay (the looser ones). I also put on a shirt this AM that I LOVE (it's a SMALL--probably neuter-gendered though) and can't wait to really fit into when I lose a little more. It isn't anything fancy--just a black Hard Rock Cafe tee that I got out of the country and rocked (pun intended) in 2003. I was surprised I could get it on at all without it looking absolutely hideous (it still doesn't fit super great to me, but as I mentioned, I wear my clothes more loosely).

What I found interesting is that, based on the chart, some groups are not in certain sizes for very long--like 5'9's in larges and 5'5's in mediums only run for a fairly short spread of weight.

How does it fit everyone else? I am very interested to know so that I can determine whether it is at least somewhat accurate in its predictive reliability and validity.

There are a couple of bad things about the chart--it only goes up to 280 lbs for one. And it doesn't show the size conversion at every number (only at increments). :( But if it is a rough estimate that can predict, I think that's neat. What I also like about it is that it measures in kg (for Cara and Miss Dee :) ) and lbs (for the rest of us).

Please let me know if you see any others that are similar. And let me know if it fits for you.

Oh, btw, my lowest weight as of last night is 180.2. Just .3 more pounds until I'm in the 170's (well, at least my lowest weight will be in the 170's--I've still been measuring on both sides of 183). I'll be away from the scale for a couple days this weekend (going on a short trip, so that will be interesting--I'm COMPULSIVE about the scale!!!).

I can't wait to hear from everyone!


  1. The top sizes are not even close, but the pants are right on for my current weight. I weigh 242 and wear a size 40 bra, not 44. I wear an XXL top, but can fit in some XL's, def not 3X. Even at my biggest, 327, which is not on the scale, I only wore a 3x, not 5x or 6x, and I was a size 26-28 pant.

  2. This was really big compared to what I wear. Must be for their specific clothing line(which I would never buy if I'm a 4X-yuck). I'm 5'4&1/2, 258 and I'm wearing 20 pants and 1 or 2X shirts.

  3. haha! me too! It's off for me too, way off on the tops. I am 5'4", 260ish, and I am in a size 20 jeans and xl tops! Thank god! haha!

  4. It's fairly accurate for me. I started at 5'3", 232 and was in a 20/22 pant and 2-3XL shirts. Now I am 154-ish and in a 8/10 pant and M-L shirt.

  5. It's a pain how the sizing for clothes is different all around the world. I looked on the chart and I'm sitting around the XL . I am five foot six. Here in Australia, I'm a medium/large in tops and jumpers (or a 14/16) or an 16/18 in pants. It all gets a bit confusing . I think if I'm a 16 here it's the equivalent to your 12 on top and an 18 is a 14. GLURK! lol

  6. I'm in the same boat as Liz, I'm about 265 and fit into the 18-20 category which says I would 220 lbs (I wish!).

    Speaking of wishes, can't they come up with a standard, sheesh! It's confusing.

  7. I am 5´9 and weigh about 143lb, however the chart was completely wrong with the seize of my clothes. tops i wear almost always M, bottoms around 8!!

  8. I'm 5ft 3inch, and 145 ibs. It says I'm a size 8-10, well they need to be a large fitting 8- 10 because in reality I'm a size 12-14.

  9. O.O i can't believe it ! I'm 5'5 and 118 lbs, and i'm size S to M, definetly not XS !