Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Lowest Weight Yet

Yesterday, admist all the early AM flurry of activity, I weighed myself. I was down to 181.0, my lowest weight so far in this journey (although it's not quite down a pound yet from last time I wrote, it is still signifcant to me :) ).

I was just reading Cara's blog about how you feel lighter pre-scale stepping on the mornings when you weigh less and are pretty much right on most of the time. That was the case for me yesterday morning: I just knew I lost. And I did!

So far in my banded journey, I have had weight loss right after my TOM only (but the extra weight does stay gone). So it may become stagnate for another long while unfortunately. I wish I could squeak out a couple more pounds before stablilizing again...or, better yet, let's shake things up this month and use that little bit of restriction I now have (I can FEEL something now; it is GREAT to not be hungry all the time) to lose some every week!!! That would be wonderful!!!


  1. I'm loving your blog.. especially now I'm mentioned! lol (kidding.. well, ok not ;) Seriously though, 181 is SO brilliant. All that jogging is paying off!! Be proud, girl xx

  2. I'm sure you'll be mentioned again (on mine and others' blogs) b/c yours is so good! :)