Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pound Pondering

Last week, a co-worker of mine told our courier that she looked like she had lost some weight. The courier said that she had actually lost 25 pounds but that no one had noticed until she shed the last five pounds. Then the courier said that everyone was coming out of the woodwork with compliments galore.

Bear with me because this is related: last week, one of my cousins said that my aunt looked like she had gained 50 pounds since early July. I don't relish in talking about weight gain; it always makes me frustrated for the person because I'm intimately acquainted with the goings on there. But, to get the thoughts in my mind across, I was thinking that this type of weight gain is VERY HARD TO ACCOMPLISH in less than a month's time.

Because chances of that type of weight gain were slim to none and because the courier was getting all sorts of recent notice for her weight loss, it made me think that it is interesting what just a few pounds (either way) will do for us. Those five pounds may take away most of that double chin or may add that extra roll. I'm sure that those five measley pounds that make such a difference fall at a different place on the spectrum for different people. Mine may be at the 175-pound mark, and I may look the same outwardly from 175 until I get down to, say, 160 before another big change comes about. The courier may look noticeably different at the 210, 195, 182, and 154 weights. Whatever the weights (or weight ranges) are, it is interesting when weight loss manifests itself into something that is outwardly noticeable. It would be nice to know specific numbers for mini-goals! Am I being too abstract here? Or is this something you all have already muddled over?


  1. For me I can't wait to get into the 80's (kg's not pounds lol) I haven't been there for SO long I've forgotten what its like.. and I'm now about 5 and a half kilos away from it! For me that's a HUGE goal. I do agree though with you.. and I don't think you're being too abstract. This was an interesting post. :)

  2. Yes, an 80-pound goal would make a lot of us worry about you. LOL! Congrats on being so close to the 80-kg mark! :) :) :)

    And I'm really glad you understood that post. I was wondering if anyone would. :)