Thursday, August 20, 2009

Attention Panhandbandsters

Amy agreed to what Mary mentioned in her post about Lacey and she talking about all of us getting together. Yes, I meant to make that sound middle schoolish--no real reason other than that I'm childish. :) And I am SO in favor of us getting up one day doing a 5K, movie, lunch, whatever. (Disclaimer: I will still probably eat more than you all (not at the sweet spot yet)--especially if you want to get up at night when I eat like a horse--but it would be really nice (if we ate) not worrying whether you all are wondering why I act like a freak of nature when I eat, stopping and having the pained look on my face at certain intervals. Hahaha! :) ). Does anyone have any suggestions for what, where, and when?

Anyhow, reading Mary's post was really weird because just last night I was thinking about all of us meeting up since we are all in the same general area. I feel like all of these great people are stuck in the computer, and I need to pull them out! I wish everyone could get together. :( But everyone is invited to whatever we decide if you can make it. And I won't even wear my black box over my face, Amy! :)

BTW, all you legit bandsters (or future bandsters) out there, if you would like to see pics of me, give me your email addresses. My being an incognita senorita is more for those people that are non-bandsters in my life--judgmental/blabbery friends and family, random clients, that sort of thing. It has just been my choice to keep this very personal and private, and I'm very happy with that choice at the moment. I don't have a lot of good 'befores' and 'durings' though but can send what I have.

Oh, one more IMPORTANT thing...I don't think I've yet told anyone, "Thanks for reading my blog." I LOVE reading everyone else's blogs. It is one of the highlights of my day. I'm glad you all are sharing your adventures, bandster tricks, and advice with me. I'm so appreciative that you are also letting a piece of my life into yours. I am past the point of comparing my weight with others--I'm the SLOWEST LOSER. Heehee. That's okay (right now :) ). But losing slowly truly doesn't make me any less excited for everyone's victories and frustrated at everyone's frustrations. I really want us all to succeed at this (and in those other life events and struggles that we mention here too). At any rate, I am so glad I started following everyone's blogs and then mustered up the courage to create my own. You all are amazing, and Cara's slogan that her friends are in her computer really sums up this experience for me. THANK YOU!!!!


  1. Hey there :)
    I would LOVE to see what you look like now after reading your blog for so long!! I must admit I have been curious but good manners .. (ahem!! lol) made me stop from asking.
    My email is Send away xx

  2. Me too!!! Send them along... One thought - you could post pix and crop out your head/face? ;-) (

  3. I dont care where we go...and dont worry about eating more...although before this last fill I was the one worried about eating more haha, so i understand. I am sure that this fill will loosen up for me by the time we go to eat. I can do lunch or dinner, weekday or weekend. We will figure it out. Ever been to the New Yorker Deli on Cervantes? Or maybe the Oar House on the water? Nice atmosphere. I am thinking maybe sometime in September? Only for my own selfish reasons (the cruise is in 2 weeks and I am broke)! hahah

  4. Hello fellow lawyer Bandita. I am enjoying your blog! I am being banded Sept. 1 and counting down the days. I am also a lawyer - though the dropout kind - with 4 young kids I have been writing briefs at home for several years. Very happy not to have to squeeze into a plus-sized lawyer uniform these days!

    Congrats on your losses!

  5. Amy, I LOVE the New Yorker Deli!!! Mmmmm!!!! I will get pasta (I know, I know). But I haven't been to the Oar House and love to try new places too. I'll wait until we hear back from the others with their input. And I so understand about the money, and waiting until Sept is fine by me. I've got mad law-school debt and still drive my lovely antiquated vehicle (couldn't afford to even take advantage of Cash For Clunkers--ugh!).

    Coloradomom: I was reading a little about you yesterday actually (maybe on Catherine's page in her comments or something??). :) I'm so glad you started following here. I would love to be the dropout kind--I could do my briefs in my briefs. :) LoL! LOTS OF LUCK on your journey!!! I can't wait to read more about you.

    Cara and Sarah, which rhyme--heehee, I will send pics shortly.

  6. I'm up for it. I won't "specifically" be in P'Cola till October 13th for my next appt but I can come over other times.

    Send some pics :). lacey @

  7. I dont mind where to go either! I am always off work on Sundays and Mondays BUT I can go places after work during the week as well I usually get off work around 6pm.

    Up until this last fill I had been eating alot as well so dont feel bad. :o)

    Send me some pics as well!
    seylenas_mommy @

  8. Ooh, I hope you guys have fun at the meet up!

    Bandita, I think it's cool that you put your concern for being the one to potentially eat a bit more due to less restriction out there. Good way to get it out of your head so you don't have to worry.

  9. I wish you could come too, Brooke.

    I sent everyone (I think, I hope) the pictures. :)