Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Down Under, not in Australia, Cara and Miss Dee. Heehee :). I'm down under 180 lbs.--179.2 to be exact. That is about 2 lbs. under my most recent lowest weight to date. And this is 1 lb. from 25 lost! I don't care if I'm not at 25 lbs. yet (at least not right now); I loved seeing close to 2 pounds gone at one time. It is nice to finally have some restriction (I might otherwise think it was all exercise-related loss, but I have been MIA from that for a couple days this week and didn't have the motivation to really push the pavement in the last two day's jog/walks either--I got out there and did my three miles total but didn't adhere to goals or try overly hard; now I'll have more motivation to go further in the jogs. :) ).

I'm now wondering if maybe the higher weight at the end of this past weekend was the roadmark precursor to more weight loss. I know others of you have mentioned this happening, and it has happened to me too in past weight losses--where we gain before we lose.

One good thing about this loss (other than the obvious--weight loss! :) ) is that I didn't have to wait until after my TOM (as usual) to shed a couple pounds. I probably need to get more scientific about this weigh-in stuff since I'm actually losing (this honestly didn't happen until I started exercising in April-ish--and my surgery was in December!) and have a weekly weigh-in day (though I haven't decided to do that for sure yet).

I can't wait until I get to my sweet spot. My next fill appointment is early September, a little earlier than normal--fills are usually at exactly two months after the last fill (not my choice!)--because my doc is going out of town. He has the discretion NOT to fill too (the nurse told me that when I lost 10 lbs. in two months a couple of months ago; compared to some people, that doesn't seem like a lot, but he didn't fill me then :( ). But, hopefully, I will continue to see results with more of a fill then!!!


  1. How awesome!! WTG!!

    Do you mind sharing who does your fills? My doc is pretty conservative with them too and just wondering if we went to the same place.

  2. OH I saw your heading and went: OHHH she's here in Oz!! Unreal!!....then read further down.. sigh lol Well done on your weight loss so far. You are kicking butt! Go you

  3. Oh that is so awesome!!! Congrats, congrats and congrats!!!

    I can't wait to hit the pavement because of you. I can't run at my current weight, my knees would explode or fall off or something, but I dream of a time when my weight is lower and I can run with DH and the dog and just lose my thoughts for a while.

    You are an inspiration lovely lady :-)

  4. Lacey: Dr. Nye. I think he is yours (believe I read that on your post, right?). :)

    Cara: I'm sorry. That wasn't meant to get your hopes up--or scare you into thinking I was a stalker, whichever one. :) :)

    Brooke: Thank you for all of that (wow, me? an inspiration?). And I like the getting-lost-in-thought part. It's nice to be able to transport myself for a little bit.

  5. Yep, I see him Wednesday even :). Hopefully my last fill for a long while.