Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Co-Workers Noticing (Finally)

Well, the title says it all. One female co-worker noticed my weight loss on Friday, and a male co-worker noticed today. They are the first that have said anything here other than the client last week and my co-worker/friend who knows about the surgery (who I ask). I think I am either in the zone where people start to see a difference or that my recent clothing selections are making my weight loss more apparent.

As a side note, the new lowest number on the scale is 176.4. That is 27 pounds down (though I'm averaging about 178-179 on the scale).

And, as far as the pictures, I will send them soon. Sorry about that, you guys. I have been super busy.


  1. "Crack!" That's the whip snapping to get onto those pics lol. How cool that your co-workers saw that you had lost weight. Excellent NSV!!

  2. It's funny how that happened at the same time, first the client, now the co-workers. It really must be noticeable now.

    Yeahy, awesome!