Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting Out There

It has been few and far between when people have noticed my weight loss. I see the same people weekly (even daily), so that might be a part of it. ??? I also wear clothes that aren't very fitted. Too, I think that maybe a 20-pound loss when a person is heavier may not be as noticeable (depending on the person) unfortunately. For instance, I told my cousin last week that I had lost a little over 20 pounds, and she couldn't believe the pounds lost. And the inverse may be true too. She told me that she hasn't lost hardly any poundage (though inches) even though she exercises on the elliptical everyday before college (she is 18). At 130 pounds, she looks really good compared to her shape before exercising (not that I didn't envy her look then too! :) ). I couldn't believe that she hadn't lost weight.

But this morning, just a couple hours before my lunch break (which is now :) ), I had a client who asked about me 'losing a lot of weight' recently. On top of not many people noticing (only about five at most), no one has said ANYTHING that would indicate that it looks like I lost more than a little weight. Neat-o!

But like I said, I really haven't gotten out there much to see people. I guess I'm waiting until I can make a really good impression with more weight loss. I do have my significant other's work party in December but may even linger longer at Wal-Mart and other places just to run into people if I can lose enough. :)


  1. It's so weird! I think a lot of people (women) don't want to say anything and men just don't notice.

    Although when I lost 70 lbs about a year and a bit ago, the only person who noticed at work was an odious co-worker who said, "Look you finally have a waist!"

  2. What a jerkfish! 70 pounds is such a big accomplishment--and you did it without the help of the band too. That is sad that you didn't get more feedback. :(