Sunday, August 16, 2009

Walking My Shoes Off

Actually, I didn't go that far or anything tonight. Though it was a little further than the usual 3 miles (4.75 total to be exact), I didn't hardly jog at all. Still, my shoes started breaking on the bottom. It started with the underside of the right one. By the end of my walk, the underside of the left one was gone too. While I usually keep shoes forever, I have just started chunking worn-out tennis shoes since I need good ones if I'm going to continue to exercise frequently. Thankfully, I have a back-up pair (though they aren't new or anything). Well, at least the pair I broke tonight got some good wear out of them. :)


  1. Yikes, sneakers are expensive. Especially the good ones :-)

  2. Amen, sista! And I'm a penny pincher too. :) That's why I used to hang onto them forever and a day--like every pair I had but the two I had before yesterday had broken cloth all around the ankle--especially at the heel--where platic would did into my feet. It sounds really bad, but it was bearable for just going to the store or whatever. Still, it is important to keep my feet in good shape if I'm going to be trotting around on them more often, so getting rid of them when they need to go is something I must do. Sigh! :( (Actually, I admit that I have one pair of broken ones that I can't bear to part with until I can replace them with something similar--they are so pretty though. Yes, I'm a packrack!) :)

  3. I have a $5 gift card to running wild I will mail you if you want it. It's not much, but it might cover some of the tax :) They analyize your stride and everything there. And that is a long way to walk crazy! Good job. My Nike Shox fell apart when I was getting ready for my 5k and at the time I didnt have money, so i box taped them. The shame!