Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Molting

It has become readily apparent over the course of the last couple weeks that my hair is definitely losing it stickwithitness. :( Though I dispose of it fairly quickly, an abundance of hair (which is coming out in greater quantities at any given time and more frequently during the day--it used to just come out in the AM or when I brushed/combed it) finds itself all over my bed, tub, and vehicle...among almost every other surface or space you can imagine. I have very fine hair, and I'm worried that it will become noticable to others if something isn't done. It is not at that point yet, but I may as well be somewhat proactive in prevention.

I have read about supplements and other things (like eating more protein) that helps. Does anyone have any experience with hair loss?


  1. I lost hair pretty steadily from about 3 months in until just recently (1 year out). I could tell but my hairdresser couldn't. I took biotin for a while and it helped, but I stopped because it was increasing my hair growth everywhere (if you know what I mean...LOL). Try not to stress, it will come back after your body stabilizes...I have little short hairs popping up all over my scalp.

  2. Thanks for that, Lacey. And no, I certainly don't want extra hairs where I don't want them...unless this hair loss really starts showing! :) How could you tell that things were definitely different with your own hair loss?

  3. My friend had pretty bad hair loss from RYN surgery, but it kind of cycled through and came back. I know she panicked at the time, but it looks fine now. I'm sure we'll all have some.

  4. Hey you :-)

    I posted this at Tiff's blog and wanted to put it here, too.

    I have thin hair, too. And I went through a stressful period about a year and a bit ago and lost some of it. (So I just know I will be the same boat as you soon!).

    One of my besties is a hair dresser and she really helped me with it. First she made sure I kept my hair coloured with a gentle semi-permanent from aveda- hair colour thickens the shaft of the hair so it's fuller looking.

    And second we pulled a little trick out of our sleeves... Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo in brown. It's a dry shampoo so it's like an aerosol can of brown baby powder. It poofs up the hair you have and because the brown colour gets deposited on your scalp it covers up the bald patches.

    Honestly, yes it worked. But it did feel a bit crusty. But that was an okay trade off for me.

    I also took prenatal vitamins and a extra boost of biotin.

  5. Wow, thanks for all the info, Brooke!