Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eight-Month Bandiversary Yesterday and Mini-Goals

I didn't even realize that what with all the exciting weight loss that I was exactly eight months out yesterday. Maybe I'll have equally exciting news on the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and year bandiversaries too!

My mini goals are 1) to be able to EASILY fit into all my old Size 15's (I think/hope I have about 10 pounds--maybe less?--to get there); 2) to be considered 'normal' (159 pounds for me) sometime soon; 3) to EASILY fit into all my VERY old Size 13's (the last time I did this was after some weight loss in 2002/2003--don't know how much I weighed though???); and 4) to get to my surgeon's goal of 145. By the way, I added a caloric expenditure and intake link on my page. It helps you scientifically determine how much you need to eat/exercise to lose weight using your BMR (different than your BMI). You can even plug in goal weight numbers to see what you will need to be doing to maintain at that point.

Also, I weighed myself after my walk (didn't jog) last night (saw another bunny--what is up with that?) and this AM (when I'm the lowest), and the scale is now showing 177.8. I know that is only .2 pounds down from 178, but still, I love seeing the 177. :)


  1. Far out, you are doing so brilliantly. You must be proud of what you've achieved!! Maybe the bunny is your weight loss mascot.. you will only see me if you are doing what you're supposed to.. aka walking (or jogging!) lol

  2. I didn't think of that...weight loss mascot. Heeheehee! ;)