Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't Forget The Bag

First of all, I have traditionally eaten ANYTHING I want to eat in the AM's. That includes fish, pizza, pasta, pork, beef, steak, etc., etc. Last year before I was banded, it wasn't uncommon at all for me to eat two Lean Cuisine meals of different types before lunch (and then a big lunch from a local restaurant or fast food place). My co-workers thought my AM eating habits strange.

This AM, I REALLY wanted some leftovers from Olive Garden from the night before last. I know OG is not authentic Italian and it's not my favorite Italian restaurant, but I LOVE Italian. It's one of my fav types of food. The OG dish I had was a special, and it was good too. (Just fyi: I have actually been NOT eating breakfast most mornings as Catherine's doctor suggested (she has an interesting post about that on her site that I would recommend everyone read!), but this AM, OG was calling my name! Evil, evil leftovers.

Well, with my new restriction, I cannot eat whatever I wish in the morning evidently. I am SO glad I had a plastic bag in my car because out the OG special came (and I hardly had any) as I was facing cars in a busy intersection (my luck!). :( I guess I'll have to stick with grits or cereal from here on out if I decide to eat in the AM.


  1. I have such a hard time eating in the car period. Maybe chick-fil-a nuggets, but other then that...I just dont do it. The last time I did was on the way to panama city for thunderbeach. Tracey was on the bike, and I was following him in the car. I had packed us a little lunch and I was eating some chicken salad and I got stuck. I couldnt pull over bc I was following Tracey so I threw all the food out of this tupperware container like a mad woman...and the rest is pb history!

  2. It is hard to eat in the car these days. I guess we all have a vehicle PB story. :)

  3. Oooh a PB in on a busy road. Something I'm yet to experience.. or hopefully, NOT! lol. Glad you came out unscathed.

  4. I don't go anywhere these days without a zip lock bag in my handbag.

    I won't have share my disgusting moving car PB stories! Least to say they were intense and it's amazing what you use to contain the offending mouthful (or six!) of goop!

    Love your blog!

    Miss Dee

  5. Miss Dee: That sounds, yes, disgusting. :) But I guess it becomes part of life for all of us. I'm glad you like my blog, and I just read some of yours btw. I'm sorry about your ex. :( I guess you've had some time to adjust at this point (??), but it was so sad to read about that as it was fresh for you. You look fantastic in your pics though. All you need do now is walk out in public, and the streets will line up with eager men.

    Cara: I hope you don't ever experience it!!! Not very lovely at all!!!