Monday, August 10, 2009

The Scales of Justice (Unfortunately)

As I mentioned, I was going out of town this weekend for a party. And I indulged!

There was all kinds of food, and worse still, there were all sorts of dips. There were two different kinds of cheese dips, a Mexican bean dip (also with cheese), a spinach dip, a chicken dip, and other dips that I can't remember but loved. I am getting hungry again just typing that! I am a sucker for many kinds of dips. And, as we well know, they aren't great food for losing weight (or at least the typical dips we see at parties usually aren't). I could eat a ton of them because they slid right on through Srta Bandita at her current restriction level. I couldn't control myself because when it comes to food and self control, I myself am a dip (hence the band). Well, there was plenty of each type of dip left after the party (and the leftover dips came with the group who was hosting me), so I ate (LOTS of) them for several snacks and for breakfast and lunch the next day. YIKES!!!

In the evenings, we went to an Italian restaurant (Saturday night) and had food off the grill (last night). Because those were the last meals of the day when my band loosens somewhat, those things came right on through my lapband friend too.

And then there was cake and dessert! We know that the band doesn't help with that. (Too, I had a lot of ice cream last week because some family members are in town visiting, and that is their dessert of choice--they leave midweek, so that temptation will be gone then). Why can't I make myself refuse these things?

Well, after all of my falling off the BAND-wagon, I got on the scale when I got back last night and gained 1.8 lbs. (so weighed in at 184.8 lbs.). This AM I weighed in at 183 even (but it is the morning, so it might be less than what my average is). Argh! I guess it's only fair though since I was a eating with a vengeance all weekend.The scary thing is that I can't even imagine what would happen if I still ate like that all the time and with all sorts of food (bread, meat, pasta, etc.) like I did pre-band! I would start earlier and end later then too. So at least that isn't the case. And maybe these couple of naughty pounds will help me learn something and move on to weight loss.


  1. I agree with the last part of your post- pre band you would have had a lot more to eat and most of the time you're 100% on top of this.

    I've been reading tons of blogs over the last few months of bandsters and I have yet to read one without a couple of posts of having a little too much fun with food post band- so just know you are in good company :-)

    You're doing great! This was a small and human bump in the road

  2. Thank you, Brooke! :) How are you feeling four days out?

  3. I hear ya girl! i was very naughty this weekend and mister scale is up 2 pounds. But today is a new week! Back on track we go!

  4. Same here! I have had a ton of birthdays (and birthday cake - sigh) and I just haven't had the willpower to say no. Which is damn frustrating. Don't stress too much (though in truth, you don't appear to be, you're just philosophical which is pretty much perfect). Brand new week now and you can start again (just like me lol)

  5. I am starting to get frustrated with myself. I did it again last night. I ate a WHOLE big can and little can of the Chinese chicken chow mein I bought at Wal-Mart....that and a can of the crunchy noodles you put on top. I'm talking a BIG can. This was after I ate a whole sub and 3 cookies from Subway for lunch. It looks like I can eat anything after about noonish. I think I will need to definitely get another fill. Until then, I have to scrape up some willpower to stay on track.

  6. A whole sub with bread? WOW...not bc you ate it, but bc your band let you eat that bread! As my last fill has loosened up, I can nibble or eat some bread products with more ease (one piece of toast, etc) but subway subs are so "bready"...when is your next fill?