Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where I'm At And Where I'm Going: A Comprehensive (& Overly Painful) Analysis

Weight: I am hovering around the 186-lb. mark. One day the scale will show that I am at 184.somecrazytenthdigit, and the next AM, it will say 187 lbs. It's frustrating and has no rhyme or reason (other than the AM's sometimes show a lower number and after my exercise sometimes shows a lower number). By the way, I started at 203.4 and am 5'7. So as I hover around 186, I am also hovering at the BMI category of obese v. overweight. I would like to be solidly within the overweight category (well, actually normal, but I am trying not to get ahead of myself). I would like to be in the 130's at the end of this journey.

Exercise: As of last night, I am jogging 1 1/4 miles. :) I would like to sign up for a 5K to have something to aspire to. My big fear in exercise: losing motivation. Does anyone have any tips for coping with that? Over the past several years, I've walked on and off, but jogging is actually what gets the weight off of me. But like I've done with the walking, I hope I don't just quit because of life's demands. And from what I've read and heard and remember from my more athletic days (and from earlier this summer), it's even harder to build back up stamina to jog than to walk. :( It really does scare me!

Food Intake: Can I skip this one? No. Rats! Well, I eat a lot. The band is starting to help with bread and pasta (though I can still get it down--I know, I shouldn't be doing that, but food is my weakness; that is why I got the band). I also recently got addicted to the new limited edition coconut M & M's a co-worker brought me. I have depleted my stash and currently have no intention of buying anymore. I don't count calories and probably should (I did for a few weeks last year when I was doing Weight Watchers--that was before WLS). Today has been a good day for me though: a high-fiber cereal, two microwave Lean Cuisine meals, and some vegetables (okay, okay--I had ranch dip with them :( ). Of course that doesn't include supper. And yes, I know that's more than a lot of you eat, but I'm trying to be honest.

Size Wise: Size 17 and holding in pants. Size XL in shirts and tops. Part of my size is probably due to the fact that I am taller for a female. I notice my shorter counterparts have always been able to don smaller sizes than me. :( Sad but true.

***With everything said in this post and others, I hope I'm not making excuses for fill volume (and even height), but I do want to give my band the benefit of the doubt in why its taking its sweet(spot) time. :)

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