Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Little About Me

I have not always been obese. In fact, I was probably quite scrawny up until high school. In my ninth grade year, I went from a Size 1 to a Size 9. The next couple of years brought me to a Size 13. After high school, my sizes increased more and more. I have exercised and dieted, yes, but the weight has come back (and then some). I was even a server for a few years during college, but the weight wouldn't budge below what seemed like a set-point weight in spite of all the running to and fro in the restaurant biz. That job pretty much kept me maintained.

Still, I was what WLS folks consider a low BMI bandster before my lapband surgery, which took place on December 18, 2008, by Dr. Roberto Rumbaut in Monterrey, MX. However, because I had just started my very sedentary career (I am an attorney) and because my family members are mostly obese (and I have been obese for the past several years), I believed it was better to head off my weight situation before it became more than I could control. I also thought that this might allow me to lessen my need for plastic surgery and that sort of thing later if my skin didn't stretch any more than it already has by my weight gain.

My post-op care (fills) has been done by Dr. John Nye in Pensacola, FL. Dr. Nye believes that fills should be very SLOW so that damage is not done to the band. I have had the band close to seven months, and just last week got to 2 cc's in my band that holds 4 cc's. Before that, I had 1.5 cc's since March 24, 2009. My first fill (1 cc) was in January. Yes, it is frustrating moving this slowly, but at least my weight has been going down (though it actually increased after my WLS to 205 pounds in January/February of this year as I was studying for the another state's bar--at least I passed that bar! :) ). My philosophy of fills is not the same as Dr. Nye's, but I figure that he's the doctor, and I believe I am close to where a lot of folks are who start rapidly losing (I hope anyway).

Of course, I have also been running. I do at least 3 miles a night walking/running. I run about 1/2 of that. I think that this has contributed to my weight loss. I started walking and running in April.

Another good bandster thing I have done is not drink a lot of bad-for-me drinks. Unsweet tea without sweeteners is my drink of choice. I also do water. I can't say I haven't had anything else to drink besides that, but at least it's positive that I don't have to kick a persistent bad habit in what I drink.

I have been very private about my weight loss surgery. My significant other and one good friend are the only people who know about it. I have not told my family. Interestingly enough, while I have received compliments from them for what weight loss I have achieved, I have also heard them make inaccurate statements about WLS and the fact that I should never get that myself.

My ultimate weight loss goal is quite high (or low rather :) ), but my fiance and I are planning to tie the knot next summer. So I have motivation there. I would also like to lose a lot by December of this year since we have a lot of Christmas parties and such to attend. At any rate, goal or no, I see this as a preventative tool for future weight gain which was truly inevitable.


  1. My doc is Dr. Friedman at Baptist! My coworker had gastric by Nye. Such a small world on this world wide web!