Thursday, July 30, 2009

Literally Chasing Rabbits Now

I just got back from my nightly cardio routine. And after speaking all that fluff :) about chasing rabbits the other night, I saw one. I didn't catch it though (don't worry; I didn't try--I'm not all about traumatizing furry little cottontails :) ).


  1. You don't happen to live on Okaloosa Island, do you :).

  2. perhaps you can lure them in with yummy vittles? and then pounce on them?

  3. Lacey: Nope, not on Okaloosa Island. Sorry. :( But it's funny, I was reading your blog last night while you were reading this evidently because I came back, and you had posted that. I LOVE your blog by the way!

    Amy: ROFL! You are too funny. But remember that I am not one to sacrifice my vittles. I am a food addict from way back hence the band. LOL! We'll have to think of something else to catch 'em.