Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2.02 MILES!!!!

I'm starting off this blog with umpteen millions posts today, I know, but I had to transfer some over from my OH blog and, as far as this one goes....................I ran 2.02 miles in one interval tonight!!! And there wasn't even a fight with loverboy to spurn it :) --although at about 1.25 miles in, a guy walking a dog told me to keep going because I was doing great. Whether I've done this through encouragement or fighting, I'm very excited! I'm getting closer to those 5K goals. I've increased my distance .77 in a week's time! So overall tonight, in my total of 3.65 miles ran/walked, I jogged another .5 miles as well. Though it wasn't part of the 2.02 interval, it brings my total up to 2.52 for the evening. Awesome possum!

By the way, please feel free to add me, befriend me, or follow me here, at OH, or at LBT. I can't wait to have people join me on my journey since I'm forever wanting to talk about it with others. I have some other sites too, but since I'm anonymous, I'll wait to share those links when the time is right.

Did I mention I'm excited??!!!! :)


  1. One thing is for sure, there are 5ks down here every weekend. I will not be doing another one until...oh late October when the heat goes bye-bye...all of us bandsters down here should do one together...make sassy tshirts, and kick some butt!

  2. That's a good idea!!!

    ***By the way, after all this time reading your blog, I never noticed that you were from the Panhandle too! That is so cool. Any other Panhandbandsters you know of???

  3. I just added a link to your site--Another Panhandbandster. :) :)

  4. Yes ma'am. Mary http://maryslapbandjourney.blogspot.com/ is also from Pensacola!