Thursday, July 30, 2009

Exercised Off Over a Pound

I was logging my workout for yesterday in my MapMyRun profile. I have now burned more than 3900 calories. I looked up how many calories are in a pound. There are 3500 evidently. So since I've been logging my exercise (only a couple weeks), I have burned over a pound in exercise alone. :) That may not be much to most people, but I'm happy. It takes a lot to rid me of a pound, but I'm trying to do the work.

Also, this AM, I saw the lowest number I've seen since WLS (and since my second year of law school) on the scale: 181.9. That makes a 28.5 BMI. However, I tend to go by my average number for how much weight I've lost though (I weigh myself millions of times a day--I know, I know :) ). It is probably somewhere around 183 right now (unless it continues to go down--I'm finishing up my TOM, so there's a little hope I can shed a little more). Still, that's a little more than 20 pounds down.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! 183 is awesome- I haven't seen that number since college. When I get there I'm going to feel like Kate Moss. :)

  2. Far out, you have shed a lotta pounds, you have to be happy with that.. (and are we ever? lol.. hmmm)Go you for exercising off a pound. I'm stuck on the scales right now.. I might use a bit of your inspiration to get up and moving and shift one myself!

  3. Linda: Hilarious! I still don't feel quite Kate Moss-ish myself...maybe one more pound down. :)

    Cara: You are doing great! I'm jealous. But if you lived around here, I'd certainly drag you to that 5K that I'm growing more and more fearful of as it draws near (tomorrow!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!).

  4. Good luck tomorrow at the 5K tomorrow! I need to get my butt in gear and exercise more.