Friday, July 24, 2009

Make Up Exercise, Etc.

No, this post is not about the proper application of make-up while engaging in aerobic activity. :) It is probably a little more on the disgusting side actually. That makes two in a couple days from me. I hope I'm not creating an association with myself as the Geerossafat Bandster??!!!! ;)

Either way, the story must be told. Today after work, I decided to do double-duty exercise since I slacked and didn't do anything last night. I would try to make up days missed walking when I was more consistently doing that a couple years back; however, it didn't really keep me motivated over the long haul or lead to super great outcomes (just aggravation), so I'm not planning to play catch-up every time I miss these days. I am seeking a 'life change' (as overused as I'm sure that phrase is in weight-loss circles, it applies to what I am after).

But as far as today's jog/walk, I was hotter than the fiery pits of the place that starts with the 'H'. I mentioned on Lap Band Labyrinth's page my desire to run through random neighbors' sprinklers. I restrained myself...this time...thoughI can't promise I won't in the future, but don't worry, I'll try to post from my jail cell if I am arrested for trespassing, ordinances against general or specific acts of crazyiness, or otherwise.

Back to the jog/ fewer than a million people (I like big fish stories! ;) ) slowed down, it seemed, to stare at the poor, sweating, panting, smelly, semi-nauseous, jiggling, super slow, about-to-fall-on-her-face-from-exhaustion-and-heatstroke jogger. I also haven't shaved in about a week. I know that's gross, but as Michele, a fellow bandster, mentioned recently, we bandsters become a little more graphic what with tales of PBing, stories of gaseousness, and masterful displays of never-before seen 'before' photos (that while they would have made many of us the envied and admired well-fed women of the Renaissance, in today's world they are not really in line with the standard of beauty). But we are all GLAD that one another is sharing and telling it all/letting it all hang out (literally!) so that we can see what this process is all about.

Now, what was I discussing? I have been told that I have a stream-of-consciousness approach to writing (I am much better about avoiding this in work documents, THANKFULLY! :) ). I know that I chase a lot of rabbits...and, just as a side, if I chased them all literally, I would probably be at goal already. :)

But, back to the subject of shaving (I think it was shaving? :) ), I usually wear pants to work and run at dusk or after, so I don't need to worry with all of that on a daily basis. I also have a severe aversion to shaving too. It's annoying. I want electrolysis...but that's another, too expensive rabbit to even think to chase right now.

WAIT!!! Did my leg get detached from my body?!

At any rate, today, every single person on the street was checking his or her mailbox in unison, it seemed. I tell you, they came out in droves under the auspices of doing all sorts of yard work, barbequeing, and hoola hooping (okay, you caught me, I really didn't see a hoola hooper unless I was missing them when I was possibly dealing with heat-brought-on hallucinations about some leprechauns and dancing polar bears....hhhmmmm, they seemed real at the time...j/k) just to laugh behind my back at my legcupines, a distant cousin of the porcupine species (for all you Animal Planet peeps). Paranoid, you think? Not I! :) I do get self conscious whenever cars slow on the road when I am jogging or walking (although, admittedly, there are several speed bumps for which they MUST slow...with a new sign that says "Speed Humps" that we like to snicker about for reasons better left to the imagination). I just want all of the public world to get the heck on their merry ways and let me sweat, look completely disheveled and unsightly, and go on about my wilting of the poor plants with the terrible smells that are surely emanating from my body (yep, that's probably overkill on even bandster graphic acceptance levels).

Saying all that, I am now ashamed to admit that I myself also slow down in the neighborhood when I see someone running, dog walking, or engaging in any other variety of outside activity. I don't want to hit anyone, of course. But it goes beyond that: I'm a people watcher too. Well, at any rate, at least I'm honest about my double standards and hypocritical ways. I guess I can find some moral comfort in that.


  1. lol Hey you and the rest of the world. It's what we do!! Good job on jogging though (amazed again!!) You're braver than me.

  2. It is hotter then the center of the sun isnt it? I cant see any of the pictures in this post. booo hoooo...

  3. Thanks about the jogging. My spans of doing straight jogging were not as good this weekend b/c of the temps (I did more, shorter intervals instead), but part of my issue is just getting out there in the first place. My fear is that I won't stay motivated.

    I think that the sun has nothing on us, Amy!