Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anger-Induced Jogging May Be A Good Thing

Last Thursday night my significant other and myself had an altercation. We are usually quite peaceable in our relationship and like it that way--especially me since I handle enough contention at work with clients :) . Well, I was about to do my nightly 3 miles jog/walk, so out the door I went as planned. This was the first night I logged a mile of straight jogging. I have been steadily adding to my distance (was at 3/4 of a mile last), but I haven't made it to that MILEstone until last night. I can't say I jogged quickly. In fact, I probably got passed by a few slugs and turtles on my foray :) , but still I was definitely jogging!!!! YEA!!!!
Saying that, I think I ran 1 and 1/4 miles the other night, but my stinkin' pedometer had somehow been set to kilometers. So I went online to do a conversion but wasn't completely, 100% sure about the exact time I started and stopped since I was so frustrated with the kilometer situation in the first place. Therefore, last night is the first time I am counting my jogging as a mile...the first time I've officially jogged a mile since I was 20 years old (I was exercising a little that year)!!!

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