Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One of My First NSV's

I played Bunco for the first time this past weekend with a former co-worker (it was very fun, and I highly recommend it!). This AM, that former co-worker and Bunco hostess sent me an email asking how I lost weight. She said that her husband noticed too. Aside from my mother, my significant other, and a current co-worker (the latter two saying that I looked thinner after I initiated the conversation), I don't think anyone else has noticed (or at least hasn't said anything. I guess that counts as an NSV???!!!

Another NSV is that my clothing fits better. I have not gone down a size yet :( (I started and am still at a Size 17), but I can fit in the full range of clothing at my size instead of just barely getting the bigger 17's zipped. I am still wearing stretchy pants to work too, but I've noticed that they fit more loosely. I hope to soon be able to report that I've gone down a size.

I, of course, wonder if my slow weight loss has something to do with me starting at a low BMI and not getting much by way of fills. What do you all think?

Either way, I have noticed some restriction with this last fill so far. Cross your fingers that this will help push me down the scale.


  1. HEY! I just saw your post on Catherines blog and love finding new bandster bloggers! I cant wait to get to "know" you! Love the name of your band:) Mine is Tina.

  2. Thanks! That is the main reason I started a blog--to get to know other bandsters since I'm anonymous to most everyone in the real world. :)