Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gross Post---Be Forewarned :)

Tonight I PBed water only even though I was eating solid foods immediately prior to the upchucking (though yes, I did have water with my food too--bad bandster :( ). If food gets stuck, why is it that water is the only thing that comes out? This has happened a couple times...and I'm confused.


  1. That has always happened to me as well. SO weird. The food is making me stuck, but its my slobber that makes me come PB...and thats all that really ever comes up. Sometimes if it is really stuck, food finally comes up in the end. Odd. I will ask my doc next time I go!

  2. Plese let me know what he says if you find out first!

  3. Hi :)
    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, and since I have now found you, I will be sticking with you too! You're amazing... you jog?? EEEK! lol Seriously well done.

    My doc is the same as yours.. I have just had my 2nd fill (as you now know) and he also goes slowly slowly.. I only have 3 mls now in a 10 ml band. Like you, I have to believe he's doing it for.. well, for some reason. Maybe creeping up on that sweet spot is the way to go, we will see, huh.
    So nice to meet you and look forward to more posts. Congrats on kicking butt on the weight-loss front already.

  4. Thanks, Cara! Yes, we just have to trust that there is some reason. I just wish I were more patient! :)

  5. Hey there! Loved reading your blog. I was banded Dec. 14 and also started with a lower bmi. I am giving myself a year or more as long as the weight is going down and not up I am happy. Although, my numbers are going up and down 2 pounds lately. When I pb I end up throwing it all up. I don't drink anything with my meals but have made that mistake in the past and all that came up was the water. It was wierd cause it sat right in my throat. If something gets stuck and I am not near a bathroom (like today in my car) I start to slime and it hurts so bad. Especially if I am sitting. I have to walk around and when I am finally able to, I hunch over and it comes up without a lot of force. Wierd thing. Sorry to be graphic but I think we as bandsters understand this comes with being banded. Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to reading yours too:))))

  6. That's funny and true about us becoming more graphic! :) :) :)

    And I'm glad you liked reading mine so far. I have been following yours for awhile without officially setting up any form of a blogger account. I am admittedly an online stalker, I guess. :) It has been so helpful reading about yours and others' band issues and weight loss. It is also neat that we were both lower BMI and banded within days of one another. :)