Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weight Loss Shows

Have we all been suckered into some weight-loss show, or is it just me? Around the time I had my WLS in '08, I was watching about three shows at all the specials that I hadn't yet seen. Things have calmed down in that department, but I'm still occasionally drawn to some of the shows. There's The Biggest Loser, MTV's I Used To Be Fat, Ruby, Big Medicine, Kirstie Alley's Fat Actress, and tons of specials on TLC, Discovery, and other channels. There are also plenty of shows that I've not included here. On top of that, there are LOADS and LOADS of weight loss products on the market with tons of infomercials (as I embarrassingly admitted early on here, I bought an ab belt based on one of these advertisements).

Do you watch any of these? What types of programs are you most drawn to in the world of weight loss?


  1. Yes, I've watched a lot of these shows as well. Most recently I've been watching 'Heavy'....that show really makes me feel sad/depressed for those people.

  2. I have been watching "Shedding for the Wedding" where couples compete for their dream wedding. Those couples have said some mean things about each other (and make me have doubts about whether or not I would marry them) the spirit of who is doing more to make this dream wedding happen. I think it is terribly dividing and what a way to set your marriage up on the wrong foot!

    Congrats on the upcoming PhD! :) I would love to be friends on FB. Email me at: (I'd love to see all kinds of pictures too!) and I'll give you my FB info. I don't link my blog to FB. I've put some things on there (more early out) about family and how I needed to deal with issues....I don't want certain things getting out. Yet, I know by having a blog I am taking that risk. Many people know that I had WLS, but I don't talk about it all the time. I've also maintained my weight for long enough that what people see now is what they see as normal for me. I do try to be as forward as possible about the surgery, because I don't think it is for everyone. Can't wait to be FB friends!