Monday, March 28, 2011

Tipping Servers Post WLS

I read a piece today that articulated something that has careened through my bean at several points since banding. That topic is tipping post WLS. As a former server, I know the sinking feeling of a tip slipping away when restaurant patrons indicate that they want to share a meal, order only a cup of soup or side salad, have waters all around, or otherwise spend less on dining than the norm. Because of the restaurant rotations, it was very disheartening when a large party would get seated in my section with only one or two people ordering regular meals. Usually (at least in my time as a server), the service requirement is the same for someone ordering a large plate and someone ordering something less expensive...taking orders and answering questions, entering in orders, bringing out the drinks and courses, coming back to check on at least one person at the table (typically more than once), refilling drinks, bringing the bill, cashing out the patrons, etc., etc. As a result of the similar (if not identical) task involvement, tipping the same as one would pre-banding was advocated by the piece I read today.

As for myself, I usually still get a full meal...and box the leftovers (I've always been a leftover eater) if any. Of course, unlike some of the bandster posts I've read, my meals have never been capped (by my restriction) in ounces or cups--or half cups--of food. I really don't understand my restriction (when I have it--of course, I'm on empty right now as you all know) and have never been able to completely relate with anyone posting about how they could only eat a half cup or cup, aren't able to snack (which would be lovely!), or that sort of thing.

But if I were to find satisfaction in a small appetizer or a cup of soup, I believe that I would follow suit in tipping above the recommended 15-20%, all other things being equal. What do you think about tipping post WLS?


  1. Great post...made me think...two of my kids have waited too and it always amazed me the stories they came home with about bad tippers. I usually walk out with 2/3 of a meal, but have rarely ordered less than I would have, and you're right, just because we tip well, it wouldn't always be the same amount when I've had less...I'll have to be sure to adjust that up. Thanks!

  2. Funny -- I don't think about it too much. I tend to order decent wine when I'm out and always tip 20%, so I feel like it all works out, even if I share an entree or just order two appetizers.