Saturday, March 26, 2011

PostSecret Weight-Related Posts

These are the latest PostSecret weight-related secrets. I can't (fortunately) relate to the first one....although I know others who can (unfotunately). But I can relate with the second one (well, not about the choice of food...I can pretty much consume ANYTHING at the moment and ALWAYS seem to berate myself for it).

Do these secrets resonate with anyone else? You don't have to answer, of course, if it's not something you are comfortable sharing.


  1. God yes. The first one, a tad. I think I went through that in high school but kind of got over it which actually backfired for me. See, I just let myself get fat and justified it by thinking that men actually DIDN'T care about how fat I was because I was so awesome in other ways. I had to 'want' to get thin for myself. And for designer jeans.

    The second one, I go through this every day. I'm still not in the head place I want to be when it comes to eating and guilt. I ate diced chicken and a piece of cheese for lunch -- I was 'good'. I ate a cookie later. I was 'bad'. It isn't mentally healthy to have this hang up and I need to get past it. I honestly believe that until I get in that good head space with regard to food and guilt, I will never be able to take out my band.

  2. I can relate to both...I have gone back and forth in having control over my thoughts in regards to whether I had a "good" eating day or a "bad" eating day....a couple of months before my surgery I was in a really unhealthy thought/emotional pattern as far as being controlled emotionally in regards to what I had eaten that day...but I had really worked to overcome it before I had surgery and was doing fine for several months after surgery, slowly I have noticed myself slipping into the same patterns again.

    As far as guys, I never dated when I was in high school (I believe, because I was overweight). As an adult before I lost weight I had a couple of guys show interest and talk to me in private but never seemed to want to officially date me, and then my only real relationship was my engagement that ended - overall I have felt very rejected by men and it's something I need to work through. I really thought when I lost weight I would see an increase in interest from guys, but so far that hasn't been the case, which is frustrating and leads to further insecurity -- again, another issue I need to work through....