Monday, March 14, 2011

An Uncomfortable Encounter

I am still in lapband limbo (completely empty of fluid, still taking pills, and still having some regular issues with heartburn and a sore-throat sensation).

But I wanted to post because I saw my fill doctor at Chuck-E-Cheeses this weekend. I was there for a kid party, and it looked like he was attending one of his own.

One of the problems with keeping your band under wraps is that you don't want to raise any red flags. For me, I didn't want anyone who I was with to ask questions or guess I was a patient of a bariatric doctor (we don't live in a huge metropolis here, so ya never really know who knows whom or what).

It was REALLY uncomfortable the whole time because he chose to sit DIRECTLY across from me, and the birthday party he was attending was set up at the very next table! I was getting neck pains from turning around in my seat and pretending that I was completely enraptured by something super interesting on the wall behind me....and that was pretty much the only place in the whole restaurant/child mad house where nothing was happening.

I was also worried that he was noticing that I ate some cake, which may not be good for me what with the acid issues I'm having and, of course, the fact that I'm a bariatric patient. Of course, I noticed that he ate cake and pizza...but he isn't the patient after all.

I'm sure he wasn't super excited to talk to me either considering he was off work, but it just made for an uncomfortable situation. I got up from the table as soon as I could (and spent way too many tokens on the bowling game) to escape. Anyhow, I'm glad that is behind me!

As far as my continuing issues, I was wondering if any of you that have dealt with severe heartburn, etc. due to gastric issues have any specific diets you've followed? If so, what were they, how long did you follow them, and can you eat normally now?


  1. The things that work best for me are:
    1. Taking the meds in the late afternoon. I take Prilosec.
    2. ABSOLUTELY not eating or drinking in the evening. When the reflex is bad, I stop around 6-7 pm. The drinking is especially difficult.
    3. Don't lie down or even relax on the couch after eating or drinking. Stay upright and try to move around.
    4. Avoid high acid food and drink like tomatoes and oranges, etc.
    5. Some people say avoid chocolate. I say boo!
    6. Sip on warm, not super hot tea during the day and early evening. It is soothing to me.

  2. Oh, I hope it settles down for you soon.
    That would have been awkward. I've gone the other way with my band - I've told everyone. It's easier for me that way, out in the open. Not everyone has had nice things to say, but I am hoping that I won't be stuck in as many awkward situations than if I didn't tell anyone.
    Good luck finding a diet that helps with the heartburn.

  3. Yana's tips are what I did, plus no alcohol (and the tomatoes in pizza, if you had it, would have hurt me). I also tried to keep a little food in my stomach as often as possible, except at night (an empty stomach during the day made it worse). I sipped on water all day. It took a few months for it to totally repair the damage while on an Rx (Nexium, a PPI). I slept on extra pillows to make a 'slope'.

  4. I had an un-fill 10 days ago and that took away the reflux. I'm sorry it didn't help yours. It is such a miserable situation!

    I saw my fill doc at Costco last week. I didn't say anything to her, either. Weird.

  5. im going for a small unfill tomorrow...its time!
    hope you feel better soon!

  6. I'm sorry you are still struggling, that stinks, I am really praying it will get better for you soon!

    That's kind of funny about your surgeon and yet really annoying at the same time!

    The other day I grabbed some (like 5!) M&Ms out of my boss's office (she keeps a big bowl around) and the doc I work for said, "what are you doing with the M&Ms?" in a joking way, but man, did it make me MAD! He was standing talking with the other 2 surgeons in the office (who all know I have a band, knew me when I was big and have said positive things to me about my weight loss/etc.)

    SO, I can imagine how you felt knowing he was watching you....but at least you were at a social event at a place where there were probably no healthy choices, and honestly, from what I can tell, once patients hit their goal (which you are small!) the surgeons think of you as a success case and don't really care what you eat as long as you don't regain. So I wouldn't stress about it! :)

  7. IIRC, the issues started after a med, right?

    I saw my new band doc today to start the refill process (I really miss the one you had the uncomfortable encounter with:). I was talking to him about the fact that I have never had reflux TILL the complete unfill. He said the band usually helps with that. It's strange how we all react differently. I hope you feel better soon!