Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Banana Popsicles

Any Facebook friends carefully following my 'Likes' (I'm so sure that MUST be everyone! :) ) will note that I recently added banana popsicles to the list.

If there is anything good about this esophagitis adventure, it has been my exposure to the wonderful world of banana popsicles. Now, it's not that I've never eaten a banana popsicle. It's just that I've been pretty much forced into limited food type selections over the last couple of months and had to experience alternative variations in certain go-to items.

The cool thing about banana popsicles, aside from their yummy taste (and their being on the 'safe list' for me to eat right now), is the fact that they only have 45 calories (at least the ones I eat). I often crave something sweet after a meal and don't feel so guilty indulging in a banana popsicle.

Does anyone have a favorite low-cal sweet snack to share? I'd love to hear about it!!!


  1. I personally love dark chocolate jello pudding...it's 60 calories and divine and tastes a little more adult than the other puddings...eaten really slowly, it resolves a lot of chocolate cravings.

  2. I read your comment on Gens blog and because of my own issues with my band, I was wondering if you'd share what WLS you would have if your band failed. If you'd rather email me, my email is jdt36x@yahoo.com.

    I personally am considering the sleeve if I ultimately have to have mine removed. I am self-pay so luckily, I would not have to regain in order to do this. Hopefully, my problems are behind me but I have to keep an open mind. I hope you are feeling better and on the mend!

  3. Yum that sounds so good!

    Thanks for your comments on the complications blog. I am a big band cheerleader, but I want to know the facts, and I think anything you are able to share is absolutely helpful to us all. Would you consider sharing about your research into other WLS options?

    I'm so sorry you are having these issues. I really hope your Bandita gets a grip and starts working for you!

    I think if I did have to get a new surgery I would go to Mexico. My insurance does not cover WLS at all, so I can't even think about that. For me, the thought of yet another surgery, after all my scars from gallbladder and band surgery, is hard to imagine. But I would do whatever it takes to not regain this weight! I'm sure you know just how I feel. Thanks again!

  4. Ok, I'm a huge fan of the dulce de leche skinny cow bars. They don't feel 'diet' to me!

  5. I love Edy's fruit bars. I've never tried banana - I'll look out for it.

  6. I like Oikos greek yogurt pure pleasures caramel - tastes like a dessert to me and only 110 calories + I think 8 or 10 grams of protein!