Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to tell you all, "Happy Halloween" (minus Ozians--is that the correct descriptor, Cara?--to them, have a great regular, average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, garden variety, standard, normal day :) )!

As for me, I went out for dinner with the man--nothing terrible, don't worry. And then we went downtown and drove around by the water. We saw lots of costumed people hitting the clubs. Last night, we did a haunted tour of the Red Light district downtown. We went on a different haunted tour last year too (there are four different walks/rides that our historical society offers here), so I guess it's become our tradition--at least for the next two years unless they start offering more.

I had a good jog right at sunset today. I just listen to the local stations on my MP3, so I heard Thriller twice while jogging. :) The moon (full--as I'm sure you're all aware) and the sky looked spooky/cool for Halloween from here. And it was low 60's, absolutely fabulous weather for exercise as opposed to the normal 80's (and 90's just a few short weeks ago).

At any rate, I hope everyone in Band Land is having a blast this Halloween (or regular day ;) ) with as little temptation as possible.


  1. lol I like the term you used but it's probably Aussie! Thanks for thinking of me though - and you're right. We don't really do Halloween here in Australia but that said: it seems it might be catching on. Who knew. :)
    Sounds like you had a blast. xx

  2. We could be called Antipoedeans too! (any body that lives in the southern hemisphere (usually Aussies, New Zealander (Kiwi's) or South African (Saffer's).